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12 Games Shutting Down in 2023 — No One Saw it Coming

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
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As many gamers know, the list of games about to be killed off for the year is usually announced towards the end of the year. But this year might be different as game developers have already announced some of the games shutting down in 2023. 

There are not only about 2 or 3 games about to be killed forever; there are a whopping 12 game titles that, after 2023, gamers won't have access to again. Continue reading as we share some game titles set to go extinct from 2023. 

  • Echo VR
The Mega-Popular VR Game Echo VR Is Shutting Down - VRScout

Owned by Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Echo VR was one of the virtual reality games that followed the hype behind NFTs and virtual reality in 2021. 

But now the hype has died, and many gamers find the whole idea of Echo VR boring. This led to the announcement of the game's developers shutting it down from 1st August 2023. 

  • Babylon's Fall
Babylon's Fall, Square Enix's Mega-Failure, Is Now Shutting Down Completely

According to many gamers, Babylon's Fall is arguably the most uninteresting game to play with a PS5. Many found it even surprising that the developers of this game took so long to realize that no one was actually playing it. With poor gameplay and bad graphics, it made it hard for modern gamers to give this game a chance on their screen. 

But thankfully, the publisher of this game announced last year that the game would be killed off in the second month of 2023 (February). According to the publisher behind the game, both the game and all of its data were getting deleted forever. Maybe if someone was playing this game, they might actually feel sad. 

  • Battlefield Mobile 
Battlefield Mobile guide - Gameplay tips and tricks | Pocket Gamer
Battlefield Mobile interface

EA is the publisher of the unreleased Battlefield Mobile, and have already announced the death of the game. In a blog post, the publisher announced that just like Apex Legends Mobile, their Battlefield game title was getting deleted in 2023. 

According to the reasons EA gave in their blog post, they said they were closing Battlefield Mobile because they wanted to focus on their most important game titles. They also mentioned that if they were to release a similar game title, it would come with better gameplay and other things. 

  • Apex Legends Mobile 
Apex Legends: Mobile wins Google Play's Best Game award | GamesIndustry.biz
Apex Legends game screenshot

Apex Legends Mobile is another game whose publisher is EA, and they have announced that the game will be killed off in 2023. This may surprise many as they expected EA to continue the game's mobile version. But the game publisher, in their announcement, said that the game title would be discontinued for the mobile version from the first of May 2023. 

However, the console game version will still be continued. This means that if any gamers loved playing the game's mobile version, they would have to move to the console. 

  • Hellfire Tactics
Hellfire Tactics shutting down February 28th – Delisted Games
Source: Delisted Games

This is one of the games to play that you may not have heard of because of its lack of popularity. Although hyped before the game's release, it soon lost its audience. 

Now the game developers announced in a blog post that it would shut down on 28th February. They cited a lack of players and the high cost of operating the game as the reason for shutting down. 

  • CrossfireX 
CrossfireX to end service on May 18 - Gematsu
CrossfireX game interface screenshot

CrossfireX is one of the most interesting games shutting down in 2023. The game is well-known among gamers, and the producer is Remedy Entertainment and Smilegate Entertainment, who co-developed the game. 

According to their announcement, the game will be extinct from May 18th. In February, the developers behind the game announced that gamers are still eligible for refunds within the last 14 days (as of February 3rd). After this day, any purchases made won't be eligible for any refund. The reason behind the withdrawal of support and subsequent deletion of the game is that the team behind the game says it is not where it is supposed to be. Hence, shutting down the game. 

  • Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds
SQUARE ENIX | The Official SQUARE ENIX Website - DRAGON QUEST The Adventure  of Dai: A Hero's Bonds - 1st Anniversary
Source: Square Enix

If you are someone who's always looking for games to play, there are chances that you might not have heard of Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds. Of course, the reason the developers of this game are shutting it down is that it never reached the spotlight. Even among less-known games, this game is probably unknown. 

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds is a free-to-play game that will. He ended its services on the 26th of April this year. Since it never reached the spotlight, it can only be reasonable to shut down the game. 

  • Knockout City
Knockout City console controls and PC keybindings | Shacknews
Knockout Cit game interface screenshot

Velan Studios’ Knockout City has also announced that they will discontinue the game in 2023. For some reason, many players will be surprised that the game was shutting down because it had everything to be successful. 

But unfortunately, the developers of this game just announced it would be shutting down from June 6th this year. This will come as a blow to players who loved the Knockout City game. 

  • Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights
BRAVELY DEFAULT BRILLIANT LIGHTS Trailer ( android / iOS ) - YouTube
Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights gme screenshot

Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights is among the games shutting down in 2023. Square Enix published it, and the main version of the game came with a lot of sequels. Brilliant lights were one of the game's sequels, and it seems like it didn't meet the expectations of the developers. 

In a blog post that explained the reason for shutting down the game, the publisher said that the game didn't satisfy their customers and brought a bad reputation for the company. So they had to delete the game at the end of February 2023 and move on to develop other game titles behind the series. 

  • Crimesight
Deduce the murderer in this PvP Sherlock mystery game | Rock Paper Shotgun
Crimesight game interface screenshot

Crimesight is a game that Konami published, but it seems to have fallen off among gamers since its development of the game. It was one of the games to play in 2014 after its launch, but it immediately fell under the radar after that year and was never heard of again. After many efforts to bring the game back to the spotlight, Konami has finally decided to part ways with the game. 

Konami announced the game would be shut down on the first of May, 2023. The company has told gamers to stop further purchases from the game as there will be no refunds within a certain time. 

  • Deathverse: Let It Die
Deathverse: Let It Die game screenshot

Deathverse: Let It Die is one of the Chinese games to play that will be going off the radar for some time, according to developers. With GungHo Online Entertainment as the game's publisher, they announced they would temporarily suspend the game in 2023 and then start redevelopment once they are sure of a better version. 

Once the game is shut down on July 18th, 2023, gamers should be expecting another redeveloped version of the game within a short while. They didn't specify why they suspended the game for a while. 

  • Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier Review - Straining At The Seams -  GameSpot
Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier screenshot

This is another major game shutting down in 2023. Although many often refer to it as one of the major game titles, it never got the audience it deserved, hence, the shutting down of the game. It was a free-to-play mobile-only battle royale game that lacked many features expected of a top-brand game.

 The game only came with one mode, and it was very frustrating to play and boring too. Since there was only one game mode, those who managed to play it soon got tired.