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40 New Countries to Access Xbox's PC Game Pass Preview

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
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Xbox has just announced it will add about forty countries to its game pass preview for the first time in history. In a press statement, the gaming platform said this would be their first time making such a decision, and the Xbox Game Pass would be available for these chosen countries. 

"As a part of our mission to expand the joy and community of gaming to every player in the world, we’re excited to announce we’re bringing a preview of PC Game Pass to 40 new countries for the first time ever," Jerret West, CVP Gaming Marketing, said. 

According to Jerret West, CVP of Gaming Marketing, the new update will automatically begin on the 28th of February, 2023. Once the new update goes live, those within the chosen countries can go through hundreds of Xbox Game Pass Preview games. New Xbox game releases will also be available once the update goes live. Jerret West said in the blog post, "Beginning on February 28, gamers in these new markets can sign up for PC Game Pass Preview program giving them immediate access to a library of hundreds of high-quality PC games on Windows including new Xbox Game Studios releases on day one, iconic Bethesda games, an EA Play membership, and member-only benefits in Riot Games."

"It only takes a few minutes to download the Xbox Insider Hub app and sign up to join the Insider Program. Once registered, players can join the preview of PC Game Pass for a special testing price for the first month," Jerret West added. 

The countries included in the new update range from different continents. African countries such as Egypt, Libya, and Egypt were included in the update. Some less-known European countries, such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Iceland, were included in the update. Other regions of the world, such as the Middle East and South America, were well represented in the list. 

What's Contained in the Xbox Game Pass Preview? 

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Source: news.xbox.com

According to Xbox, gamers are set to enjoy many things from the new Xbox game pass preview. The major benefit of the Xbox Game Pass Preview is that the newly added countries will get access to newly released Xbox game titles

According to Jerret West's blog post, gamers from the listed countries are set to receive the following, "The PC Game Pass library adds new games all the time, and more great games from Xbox and Bethesda are coming to PC Game Pass soon. The upcoming action-strategy game Minecraft Legends will be released on Tuesday, April 18; Redfall, Arkane Austin’s story-driven first-person shooter, hits on May 2; and more great games are coming soon."

Xbox, in its press release, also made it known that it will be adding more countries in the coming months. They said," In the coming months, PC Game Pass will launch in these countries for all players to experience. This means that Game Pass community members from 86 countries around the world can play hundreds of games together with their friends and family." 

"We look forward to welcoming more players from around the world to the Game Pass community," he added.