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New Imposter Role, Crewmates, and Other Updates in Among Us

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Among Us game theme graphics
Photo | Nintendo

There's a big new update for the super popular game Among Us that adds some really cool new roles and other changes! The developer Innersloth revealed these at a recent Nintendo event.

Major UI Refresh and New Roles 

The update gives the user interface, especially the settings menus, a full overhaul to make it easier to configure games. There are now separate tabs for game presets, game settings, and role settings when hosting.

Other players can also view the game settings more easily with a new "view" button. This increased transparency lets everyone understand exactly how each match will play out.

But the real headliners are three brand new roles: two for crewmates and one for imposters. These add all kinds of new strategic depth and gameplay possibilities!

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Crewmate Roles

  • Tracker: This role can attach a tracking device to other players, allowing them to monitor those players' movements on the minimap for a limited time. The tracker could prove vital for crewmates trying to identify suspicious behavior.
  • Noisemaker: When killed by an imposter, the noisemaker lets out a loud noise through speakers equipped in their suit. This alerts teammates to the noisemaker's location, so they can quickly find the body and look for evidence of who killed them.

Imposter Role

  • Phantom: This new imposter ability is super sneaky! Phantoms can temporarily turn invisible, appearing as a ghost-like figure on everyone's screen. With this, an imposter can slyly eliminate a crewmate and then vanish from sight to escape the crime scene unnoticed.

How to Update on Different Devices

Getting the new update installed is pretty straightforward, no matter what device you play Among Us on. The process varies slightly depending on your platform.

  • PC (Epic Games/Steam): Simply go to your game library, find Among Us, and download the available update. You can also check the download queue, as updates may begin automatically.
  • Nintendo Switch: From the home menu, press the "+" button and look for the new Among Us patch file. Select it to initiate the update.
  • Xbox/PlayStation: On these consoles, check the downloads/updates queue, as that's likely where the patch will initiate. Or manually trigger it by finding the Among Us game title in the menu and checking for an update.
  • Mobile (iOS/Android): Make sure your device is set to automatically keep apps updated. Otherwise, you can manually trigger an update by going into the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and checking for the new Among Us version.

In addition to the new roles, this update adds some cool new preset game options for quickly setting up different modes.

There are now two special Hide N Seek presets: "Pitch Dark," where crewmates start in the dark, and "Flashlights," where they have temporary light sources.

The update also includes a number of bug fixes to improve the experience, especially for maps like The Fungle and the Airship. Players on iOS devices can also expect general performance enhancements.

Gameplay Experience 


With updates like this one, followed by an upcoming animated series in the works, Among Us continues to evolve and get better over time. These new roles completely shake up the core gameplay and strategy in really fun, unexpected ways.

Phantoms bring a wild-card element of trickery for imposters to use.

Trackers and noisemakers equip crewmates with new tools for investigating and surviving. It will be really exciting to see the innovative strategies that skilled players come up with utilizing these new roles.

The update has already started rolling out, so make sure to get it installed on your preferred device(s).

Among Us just keeps getting more fresh and engaging for its dedicated community of players across platforms. Who knows what other new twists could be coming next? you'll want to keep playing to find out!