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Crash Team Rumble: Release Date and Other Inside Details! 

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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Crash team rumble is one of the awaited upcoming games which is the third one in the genre of the party game of the Crash Bandicoot series and features almost all its characters in playable mode. 


It has been developed and worked upon by Toys for Bob and also has been published by Activision. The game features two teams going against one another collecting and piling Wumpa fruits. It is supposed to be released for PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox One and Xbox series X/S.

Upcoming Game 


Crash team rumble is an upcoming game whose trailer has received tremendous applause from fans. Its pre-order quantity has been completely sold out.


It is played in teams of four against a team of four. This is about collecting Wumpa fruits for filling its Wumpa bank. For collecting these Wumpa fruits you have to smack or ride the crates, beat the other players, and perform a lot many fun and exciting actions. With the deposition of Wumpa fruits in their banks they also have to defend the other team from depositing their fruits in the bank. Whoever collects more Wumpa fruit wins the game as more Wumpa fruits will get you more power-ups which you can use and play ahead of the opposition team. 


The characters in this game are divided into three roleplays that are, “Blocker”, “Booster” and “Shooter”.

How Can You Pre-Order? 


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As announced on March 21 Crash team rumble has been made available to pre-order on the Xbox store as well as on the PlayStation store. By pre-ordering it now a player or the buyer can get access to the beta version which will be held from 20th to 24th April. 


As there are two editions of the game Crash Team Rumble, there is some difference in the price of pre-ordering either of these editions. The standard one costs £24.99, and the Deluxe one costs  £34.99.



Expectations from the Game


Overall, the game has created a lot of excitement among gamers. It has been confirmed by the makers that the game Crash Team Rumble will be released on 20th June 2023 which is a Tuesday. 


The buyers are waiting for the beta version to get introduced to more exciting features in the game and finally, all of them are eagerly waiting for the full release of the game later on. 


As the game involves fun smacking, sliding, kicking, and slapping to collect Wumpa Fruits it has received appreciation in terms of its storyline, visuals, and graphics. 

Final Words

It’ll be interesting to see what the game offers on its release. For a more detailed review, we need to wait for the beta version and a full release.