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Destiny 2 The Final Shape: 5 Must-Own Weapons

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Destiny 2: The Final Shape gameplay characters
Destiny 2: The Final Shape | Steam

Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Final Shape, has really shaken things up with some crazy new weapons.

Bungie went all out making these things not just look awesome, but giving them abilities that completely change how you play the game.

Let me walk you through 5 must-have weapons from this expansion and explain what makes each one so incredibly unique and powerful.


5. The Ultra-Customizable Ergo Sum


Ergo Sum Exotic Sword in gameplay selection
Ergo Sum Exotic Sword | Screenshot


The Ergo Sum exotic is probably the most innovative weapon Bungie has ever created. Instead of having the same fixed perks and weapon type every time, the Ergo Sum can transform into radically different configurations on every drop.

Its core trait remains untouched, but the exotic perk and weapon frame archetype are totally randomized.

One version might grant you tracking Wolfpack Rounds when using a sword, allowing you to fire heat-seeking cluster missiles from your blade. Another roll could turn it into an auto rifle that spawns robotic grenade buddies to chase down enemies for you.

It can take on one of five different frame types and over eight unique exotic perks - the potential combinations are staggering. The fact that this chaos engine uses special ammo instead of heavy is just a cherry on top.

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4. The Golden Gun Sniper - Still Hunt


Golden Gun Sniper in Destiny 2 gameplay
Golden Gun Sniper | Screenshot


Next up is the Still Hunt, an exotic Solar sniper rifle that will make any Hunter's jaw drop. Its built-in "Cayde's Retribution" ability charges up a golden gun super as you get precision kills and grab Orbs of Power.

Once this super is ready to rip, you can instantly swap to it and rapid fire several massively damaging golden gun shots in quick succession.

For Hunters using the Celestial Nighthawk helmet, you can even combine all those shots into one earth-shatteringly powerful blast.

Clutch perks like enhanced aim down sights speed, flinch resistance, and target acquisition help you stay pinpoint accurate while charging this beast mode.


3. The Explosive Rocket Sidearm 


For taking down tougher opponents up close and personal, the Rocket-Assisted Sidearm was a complete game-changer during the Final Shape campaign on Legend difficulty.

This special weapon fires self-propelled micro-rocket projectiles that explode violently on impact. Its "Beacon Rounds" trait marks targets for death by making the explosives track onto them after getting final blows.

To make it even deadlier, your outgoing damage actually increases as your health gets lower, rewarding you for playing hyper-aggressively when you're just a sliver away from being killed.


2. Support Gunner - No Hesitation


If you prefer supporting teammates over pure selfish destruction, the No Hesitation auto rifle is a real gem. Instead of shooting regular bullets, it fires tracking heal projectiles at allies after you've damaged enemies.

The "Support Frame" allows this healing mechanic to function. While there is a slight travel time before impact, incredibly useful perks like "Physic" and "Circle of Life" provide ability regeneration and increased outgoing damage respectively whenever you or a buddy gets healed. It's the ultimate weapon for aggressive co-op tanks.  


1. The Pulse Rifle Lifeline - Red Death Reformed


Rounding out this killer lineup is the pulse rifle Red Death Reformed, a reimagining of the classic self-rez Destiny 1 exotic but with some new tricks.

Its "Redemption" perk allows you to self-cure and massively increases reload speeds on every kill, making this thing an absolute bullet hose.

On top of that, reloading immediately cures any nearby allies caught out of position. An "Inverse Relationship" trait that increases handling, reduces flinch, and ups movement speed at low health makes Red Death an absolute monster in both PvE and Crucible playlists.

Bonus: Reliable Someday Shotgun 

As a bonus weapon that may not be as flashy as the others but is still incredibly consistent and reliable, we have to give props to the precision frame Someday shotgun.

This thing can be maxed out for extreme range while still firing tight, laser-focused pellet spreads for reliable one-shot kills.

Handy perks like Threat Detector and Barrel Constrictor ensure maximum range, stability, and quick reloads after landing kills too.

Its "Dealer's Choice" origin trait that grants super energy on kills makes it ideal for aggressive Crucible pushes.

Weapons That Change Everything

What really sells all these Final Shape weapons is just how unique and distinct they all feel to use compared to typical gear.

From the ultra-customizable Ergo Sum, to supportive team-play enhancers like No Hesitation, to just incredibly powerful damage-dealing like Still Hunt – each one enables brand new gameplay strategies and styles.

Whether you crave raw damage output, want to be a defensive support beast, or just experience something totally new and innovative, The Final Shape has tons of truly game-changing weapons to add to your arsenal.