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Discover a Magical World Beyond Hogwarts -Are You Ready to Step into the Wizarding World?

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read

Hogwarts Legacy is no ordinary game! This is every potter-head’s dream coming to fruition. Also, probably the most awaited game in recent times. Gamers and even the casual ones have been waiting in the wings for years for Hogwarts Legacy to release and when it did, it broke all kinds of sales records. 

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG game that is based straight on the Harry Potter books. It is played in a third-person perspective. The game explores the open world of the Hogwarts campus. The Hogsmeade village, Forbidden Forest, Hogwarts Village, Manor cafe, and more iconic locations are up for exploring. 


In Hogwarts Legacy, you will be assigned a character whose gender and appearance can be customized according to your preference. As you customize the character further you will also be able to choose the house of your liking. The houses include the familiar four - Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.  

Once the house is selected, you will only be allowed to access the dorm of that house only. The dorms are customized according to the color of those houses. The interior and exterior of the whole castle change according to changes in season too, which is pretty sick! 

As for the character, you will learn new spells and charms, combat skills, and also brew potions. When the game starts you will actually go through some training drills with the help of a new character Professor Fig who acts as your mentor throughout the game. The training drills allow you to master the wand and spells. 

You also do have access to flying brooms in the game! It is like every wish of yours coming true through this game. Unfortunately, there is no Quidditch in the game, but maybe in the sequel? The music in the game plays a huge part too as it changes according to the setting of a quest or scenery. Music actually makes the game feel more immersive. 

As your character progresses in the game, you will be making allies along the way with the NPCs(Non-Playable Characters). These characters will tag along with your certain missions and stories. You can also expand their abilities and make them stronger and more clever. You have the chance to make your own version of Harry, Ron, and Hermione through this segment!

Let’s talk about some of the boss fights and characters you will be coming across as villains. There are several enemies you will come across and they include Wizards, Ghoul, Spiders, Goblins, Trolls, and variations of all these creatures. The enemies will become harder to face the more you progress through the game. It will test your combat and spell skills.


It is a game worth playing for the Potter-heads, Pro and Casual gamers, and even non-gamers. The game is a masterpiece. The graphics and layout of the game are amazing and so are the gameplay and music. The game is an absolute dream for fans of the Potter universe and is a must-buy!