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Disney Goes Big on Star War Games, Wants a New One Every Six Months

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
It has been reported that the entertainment giant Disney wants a new Star Wars game each half of the year.    This move by Disney is considered a very big bet as they would have to release one big AAA game and one more minor game each year.    In 2012, Disney acquired Star Wars from EA for around $4 Billion and gave EA the contract to publish their games.    However, after this particular announcement, it looks like Lucasfilm would be the one headlining the game publishing.    EA has claimed that despite losing exclusive access to the franchise, it would continue collaborating and working on Star War Games.    Gaming experts and the public has reacted differently to this latest move by Disney. While some consider it a big move, others speculate on Disney's ability to fulfill this goal.    Remember, the entertainment giant is basically in every industry, including movies, animations, and games.    This move by Disney could mean that other games will have to keep up with this giant stride.    More reports by Insider Gaming indicate that Disney has already started working on eight games to be released. 

Star War Games in Development 

Amy Hennig’s Game – Skydance Media, Knights of the Old Republic Remake – Saber Interactive, Jedi: Survivor (Fallen Order sequel) – Respawn Entertainment, and five other Star War games are said to be among the video games still in development.   The release date of this star War Games has not been announced. There are speculations that some of these games might not be released for as long as four years.    Video games like Quantic Dream’s Star Wars: Eclipse are speculated to be released by Disney in 2026.   Gaming experts such as Xbox Era’s Nick Shpeshalgavw also tweeted last year teasing the public about what might be happening behind the scenes. However, the tweet by Nick has since been removed.    "I’ve heard of rumors of a Mandalorian game “behind the scenes” for a while now, but so far, these rumors have seemed to stem from speculation due to the success of the series. But if anything changes, I’ll update," Nick said in the tweet. 

Is this Move Good For Disney? 

Different gaming experts have analyzed the latest event, and this might not be an ideal move for the entertainment giant.    Experts have opined that it might be hard for Disney to keep up with releasing two video games in a fiscal year. According to them, Disney might find it hard to coordinate two game publishers and then line up their games in one year.    Instances from the past were used to back up this claim. Critics brought up cases where Assassin's Creed had to take constant breaks.    However, in general perceptive, if Disney successfully pulls this off, it might change the whole gaming ecosystem.