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Do This to Get Gaming Keys for Grand Theft Auto V and COD Faster and Cheaper

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By Josh Piers - - 5 Mins Read

Gaming is an entertaining but healthy way to ease stress. Gamers spend long hours toggling their consoles, speaking into their microphones with other gamers on multiplayer mode, and generally having a great time. But while all this is great, getting access to certain video games doesn't come cheaply.


Top games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars, and others are extremely pricey. 


This makes an activity as simple as gaming an extreme luxury. Many times, pro gamers spend a fortune to get their tools and programs ready. Items like monitors, consoles, ergonomic chairs, headsets, and speakers already cost an arm and a leg.


In addition to this abysmal cost to get gaming equipment, access to games and their accessories are also monetized. Game developers put a fee in many gaming areas from licenses to keys and access to exclusive features. The list is endless. 


Just last year, it was recorded that the average gamer in the United States spends $23.87 per month on gaming. This number may double in 2023 as more and more people key into gaming as the industry continues to grow. In addition to the exponential growth of the crypto gaming industry, we won't be surprised to see that boost. 


However, getting certain game keys and licenses are some of the most burdensome tasks for gamers. When popular games release a new edition, it becomes increasingly difficult to secure keys quickly and at affordable rates.


What's a Gaming Key and How You Can Get It Quick and Easy 

A gaming key is a sort of passcode, usually 15 characters that a gamer uses to redeem or access a game.


The problem? Gaming keys aren't easy to get from the official publishers; they are not so cheap either. If you are familiar with Steam or Origin games, you'd be aware of the extreme hustle to get a game pass. 


Also, certain websites that pose as retailers of these gaming keys usually end up scamming desperate buyers by reselling used or incorrect keys to them. And usually, these poor victims won't get their money back. 


However, if you're still reading this guide, you wouldn't have to go through this. An innovative platform known as Green Man Gaming is solving the key acquisition problem by partnering with several gaming companies to resell their keys — officially.


Green Man Gaming does not just sell keys, they also serve as the bridge to get special deals for your other gaming needs. They also keep a trustworthy money-back guarantee. 


How Green Man Gaming Works



Green Man Gaming has over 7000 games you can buy on its website. This list also includes new releases and exclusive games. To use Green Man Gaming, you just need to search for your preferred game and follow the prompts to purchase.


But this isn't all this UK-based company does. In addition to selling game keys, it also helps you get exclusive deals when you become a frequent customer. These deals include special discounts of up to 75%. VIP members may even get free games!


Green Man Gaming covers PC games, Xbox One, PlayStation, and even VR games. 


Sign up now and access over 7000 gaming keys!


How to Get Real Deals on Your Gaming Purchases with Green Man Gaming

To get access to your favorite games and enjoy their exclusive features and content from Green Man Gaming, do the following. 


  • Sign up on the Green Man Gaming website 
  • Search for new, exclusive, or trending games
  • Click the pop-up that shows the game you wish to redeem 
  • After redeeming the game, you can now download the program from the site's DRM client 


Don't miss out - up to 75% on your favorite games! 


What Do People Say About Green Man Gaming? 

Green Man Gaming has simplified the gaming process for game lovers. 


The reviews we've collated from Trustpilot attest to this too. 


DarkStar said this — "First Purchase an it was quick easy an I redeemed within seconds after I clicked order started downloading immediately great service will definitely use again thank you GMG"


Rayyan Ali — "My experience with Green Man Gaming was amazing, to say the least. I was really impressed by the number of payment method options they provided at checkout. I got my digital product within a minute of my transaction, which was also really impressive. I’m really satisfied with my first experience with Green Man Gaming, and I’m hoping to continue shopping from them in the future."


Can I Get a New Game on Green Man Gaming? 

Yes! Green Man Gaming delivers new releases. They also deliver other categories like top releases, bestsellers, and game ad-on. 

Is Green Man Gaming secure?

Green Man Gaming is a secure platform. They are acclaimed as official retailers of gaming keys which they obtain from game publishers. In addition, they run a great money-back policy. 

How can I pay for a Game on Green Man Gaming? 

There are several options and payment walls to redeem games on Green Man Gaming. Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and others are available. You can also pay with PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, WeChat Pay, and many more.