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Expectations for Football Manager 25: New Tiles, UI Updates and More

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Football Manager gameplay
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Football Manager 25 (FM25), the forthcoming iteration of the popular football management simulation franchise, is set to introduce significant changes upon release.

These changes primarily focus on user interface improvements, inclusivity through the integration of women's football, and the potential for enhanced visuals and future development through the adoption of the Unity engine.

A completely revamped user interface (UI) designed to enhance player experience is a major highlight of FM25. The new UI features a Tile and Card system.

Information is condensed into concise tiles, with the ability to expand each tile into a detailed card for in-depth analysis. This approach aims to reduce screen clutter and improve information accessibility for players.

For instance, a player might see a tile displaying a player's overall rating. Expanding the tile would then reveal a detailed card with the player's individual stats, transfer value, recent performance data, and contract information.

This method allows players to quickly scan for key information while offering the option to delve deeper when needed which is an amazing features.

The traditional Inbox system present in previous Football Manager titles is being replaced with a new feature called Portal.

Portal serves as a central hub for communication and team management tasks.

It consolidates and enhances functionalities previously handled by the Agenda and Messages sections, offering players a centralized view of upcoming matches, player interactions, staff reports, news updates, and potentially scouting reports or transfer negotiations (depending on the specific information revealed by Sports Interactive in future updates).

Inclusion of Women's Football: A Broader Management Experience

FM25 marks a significant step towards inclusivity by fully integrating women's football.

Players now have the option to manage both men's and women's teams within a single save file, broadening the scope of the management experience.

Licenses for several prominent women's leagues have also been secured, further enriching the game's realism and depth.

This integration allows players to experience the unique challenges and rewards of managing teams in both the men's and women's game.

Unity Engine Adoption: Potential for Enhanced Visuals and Future Development

FM25 transitions to the Unity engine, a powerful game development platform. This shift signifies a potential overhaul of the game's graphics engine and UI.

The Unity engine's capabilities could lead to improved visual fidelity, with more realistic player models and animations.

Additionally, the adoption of Unity lays the groundwork for future iterations of Football Manager, potentially enabling further innovation and advancements in the franchise.

While the specific visual enhancements remain to be seen, the move to Unity suggests a commitment to keeping the game's visuals competitive within the sports simulation genre.

The engine's capabilities also provide a platform for future development, potentially allowing Sports Interactive to introduce new features and functionalities in upcoming iterations of Football Manager.

Information Regarding Release and Additional Features

While the core features of FM25 have been revealed, details regarding additional gameplay elements and functionalities remain undisclosed.

Sports Interactive, the game's developer, is expected to unveil further information on potential improvements to scouting systems, transfer negotiation mechanics, and tactical options as development progresses.

The official registration opening and release date announcement are anticipated for early September 2024. Confirmation regarding the inclusion of mobile versions alongside the PC release is still pending.

The upcoming release of Football Manager 25 presents several noteworthy changes.

Meanwhile, the streamlined UI with its Tile and Card system, the integration of women's football, and the adoption of the Unity engine all hold the potential to significantly impact the player experience.

With its focus on improved information presentation, broader management options, and potential visual enhancements, FM25 could represent a major leap forward for the franchise, offering players a more immersive and engaging experience in the world of virtual football management.