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Get Ready to Rumble: What's in Store for Crash Team Racing

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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Source - CrashBandicoot.com


Crash Team Rumble is an upcoming Real-time Strategy Multiplayer game from the famous Crash Bandicoot series. It is the third game in the Crash Bandicoot party genre. The game is expected to release on June 20, 2023. It will be released on multiple platforms and will have cross-platform gameplay.  


The game will feature all the iconic heroes and villains from past games. Players can select any character(Hero or Villain) as a playable character in the game. All the heroes and villains have unique abilities and skills that you can use on your opponents. 



Crash Team Rumble has a four v four competitive Strategic platform gameplay. You can select any classic Crash character as your playable character, each character has its own unique skillset and abilities. 


The game's main objective is to gather more Wumpa fruit than the other team in the limited time slot to claim victory. Your team can also defend the opposite team’s drop-off zone so that you can stop the other team from depositing their own Wumpa supply. 





Source - CrashBandicoot.com


The game has divided its roster into three categories Scorer, Blocker, and Booster. You can select the character according to your strength in the game. 

Maps and Characters


At the current time of writing, there are three maps available for selection in the pre-order beta mode and gameplay in Crash Team Rumble. The maps included in the game are:


  • Just Beachy
  • Tiki Towers 
  • Calamity Canyon





Source - CrashBandicoot.com


The characters that you can select in the game(Pre-order beta mode) are as follows:


  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Tawna
  • Neo Cortex
  • Dingodile
  • Coco


How Do the Categories of Roster Work?


As we have already told you about the three categories in which the roster will be divided. Let us expand on how these three categories work.


  1. Scorer: The main aim of a Scorer is to collect as many Wumpa fruits from the map as possible and deposit them in the drop-off. That is the main way you can increase your team’s score.
  2. Booster:  Boosters will look into mainly securing the gems on the map. They are a very important factor in increasing the score of the team decisively.
  3. Blocker: Defender! Blocker is a defender of the team. The aim of a blocker is to stop the other teams from securing and dropping Wumpa fruit in the drop-off. Stopping the other teams from scoring will eventually lead to your team scoring more points. 




We hope you now have an idea of what to expect with the release of this new game. So, fingers crossed that this game lives up to the hype surrounding it!