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God of War: A Look Into Its Exciting Accessibility Features

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
God of War takes the gaming community by storm as they release new accessibility features.    This is not the first time PlayStation studios has released a game that the community supports very well.    Moreover, accessibility features significantly give Playstation an edge over other game publishers.   The game publisher said in a blog post that their latest edition of God of War contained accessibility features even for the disabled.    God of War Ragnarok from Santa Monica Studio is the new edition of the God of War game which is Slated to be released in November.  It has been reported that accessibility is the game's primary focus as Playstation looks forward to inputting several features not seen before in the game.    Playstation and Santa Monica studio representatives listed what gamers should expect from the latest edition of God of War. 

Community Plays a Key Role in the Game 

According to what Playstation representatives say, it looks like the community played a significant role in releasing the newest edition of the God of War game.    Mila Pavlin, the lead UX designer of Santa Monica Studio, said that the game publisher would focus primarily on their community to know what amendments to make.    She said that during the development of the God of War Ragnarok, the community was consulted to get feedback on the accessibility features they expected.    "Our team committed to regular play tests with members of the accessibility community and consultants during development to ensure we are meeting their objectives," Pavlin said.    She also mentioned that the interaction with the community helped the developers to take bot of what was lacking in the game.    While speaking on the medium they used to get accessibility feedback from the community, Pavlin said that Twitter was the major platform used. 

The Accessibility Features

From what Playstation and Santa Monica studio said, the new God of War game might be a big break for the disabled.  Credible sources such as Wired say that disabled players will be able to choose and activate 60 options to help remove potential barriers.    There was also subtitle and caption improvement in the new game, which is speculated to be released in November.    Players can now increase the subtitle and caption size in the game, including color.    Santa Monica studio also says they have rebuilt the controller mapping system in the game. In a blog post, the game publisher said players now have access to more expansive preset layouts.    Other accessibility features that are reported to be available in the God of War game are high contrast mode, navigation assist, audio cues, and many more.