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Hellblade 2 Introduces Insane Sophistication on Photo Mode

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
Hellblade II gameplay screenshot
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Hellblade 2's release date is set for the 21st of 2024, and gamers are already eager to experience its features.

The Xbox exclusive Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 has piqued the interest of many gamers, and there have been frequent updates about it.

The renowned game developer and Xbox account Ninja Theory has been consistently sharing previews of the game and expected features.

They recently released a video showcasing the advanced features of the game's photo mode. This amazing photo mode allows players and virtual photographers to capture stunning images of various actions in the game.

Capturing screenshots in this game has been enhanced with unique features that elevate the quality to an exceptional level.

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Ninja Theory Video 

Ninja Theory's overview in the video detailed the features that will be available after Hellblade 2 is released.

Analysts have described the photo mode showcased in the video as one of the most advanced and sophisticated in a video game.

The video clip shared by Ninja Theory demonstrates that the photo mode includes standard camera and lens settings such as position, tilt, field of view, and depth of field. Additionally, users have the option to adjust color temperature and tint.

Notably, the photo mode offers the innovative feature of creating multiple light sources. Each lighting source comes with settings for hue, brightness, range, and illumination style.

Game Reviewers Stunned by Hellblade Photo Mode 

Many game reviewers and analysts are stunned by what Hellblade offers in their photo mode.

Semir Omerovic, while writing at AltChar, said he was impressed with certain features, such as the lighting tool within the photo mode.

One thing that did leave me impressed is the lighting tool, which allows players to place manual light sources in the scene to light nearby objects, characters like Senua and the brute she's fighting in the video,” he said.

Furthermore, he mentioned that virtual photographers could now change the position of the characters by rotating or moving them.

“A bunch of filters are also available, so you'll get to choose from the original game look, black and white, horror, and many, many other filters,” he added. 

Reactions to the New Photo Mode 

Social media users responded positively to the Hellblade photo mode. Many of them said the new addition is highly welcomed and could boost the franchise's audience reach. Apparently, the snippet Ninja Theory posted attracted the interest of many gamers.

One of them, with the user name “Gaming Pop,” said they might buy an Xbox just because of the features in Hellblade photo mode.

Oh my freaking God, I can't wait to get my hands on this game. I will literally buy an Xbox just for this I sw**r to God,”  the user said.

Another one adds that “Photo mode in HB2 is like having a game within a game.  I will be spending hours in that mode.”