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Horizon Forbidden West: Explore a Post-Apocalyptic World Full of Wonder

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read


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There are many collectibles in Horizon Forbidden West's original version, and The Burning Shores aren't much different. Players who want to complete the game must also locate the five unique Pangea Figurines hidden around the area, in addition to Delver Trinkets. 


Finding these will be necessary for passing the Dino Digits Quiz, which is connected to one of the 18 Trophies in the DLC expansion.

Burning Shores Guide - All Pangea Figurine Locations

Dimorphodon Location (Pangea Figurine No. 1).


The Dimorphodon is the first Pangea Figurine, and it may be discovered on an island north of Fleet's End and south of the lava stream. Players should scan the data point when they reach the indicated spot to get the door code, which is etched on the surrounding tower's wall. 


The door code is 111464, which they can use to enter the store and take the Pangea Figurine after firing down the ladder and using it to climb up.


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The Green Raptor's Location (Pangea Figurine #2)


The Green Raptor, the following Pangea Figurine, is located on an island just north of the Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins, east of Fleet's End. The Pangea Figurine was stolen and taken to a local parking garage northeast of the player's current position, as shown by scanning the data point on the desk when they got there.  


Players should follow the directions to the northeast and enter the neighboring Stalker site to locate the figurine. They should use the hole in the earth they find there to descend into the parking garage below. 


Players will discover a car that they can interact with on the B3 level, close to a body of water. The second Pangea Figurine can be found by prying open the trunk while holding R2.

The Red Raptor's Location (Pangea Figurine #3) 


Players should proceed to the small, flooded ruins close to the lava stream on the west side of the area to locate the third Pangea Figurine. When they get there, they should blow up the unstable crystals of Firegleam and then descend through the hole the explosion made into the roof. The “I'm Meeting Jane” datapoint, shows that the figurine was transported to a mansion up on the hills to the east, which can be found deep within the sea. 


Players can locate the aforementioned mansion by flying east to the top of the western lava stream as directed by the data point. They must utilize Aloy's flying mount to grip the metal clamp to enter by pressing the Triangle button while it is within reach. The Red Raptor Pangea Figurine is then easily accessible by being picked up from the cabinet's top.

Queen Rex's Location (Pangea Figurine #4) 


The quest marker for the figurine of Queen Rex lies on the island directly to the west of Fleet's end, not far from the Tremortusk site. The players should examine the dead Fanghorn before they use the Pullcaster to remove the two metal beams from the wall. 


They will be able to see the Shell-Walker crate in the debris more clearly as a result, and Aloy will be able to use her attention to follow Shell-Walker's route. 


Source - PushSquare


Players will ultimately arrive at a Widemaw site along this trail, which is a little southwest of where they started. 


After dispatching a sizable number of hostile machines there, they will be able to locate the Figurine of Queen Rex Pangea on the ground next to a severely torn-down Shell-Walker package.

Reggie the Pterodactyl: Where to Find Him (Pangea Figurine #5) 


By far, the most accessible Pangea Figurine is the fifth and last one. In Pangea Park, where the For His Amusement main plot mission takes place, players should head around the side of the Fandom Zone building and look for a blue metal grate. 


Players can enter the vent shaft by pulling the grate open with the Pullcaster, and exiting through the second vent will lead them to the room containing the figurine. Players must use the Pullcaster to take out the metal beams from the nearby wall to depart the location.


We hope this blog helps you understand the game better. Happy gaming!