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Newly Detected Starfield Hack Will Let You Spacewalk, How to Activate

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Starfield spacewalking gameplay
Spacewalking on Starfield | Reddit

Starfield, a role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, has gained immense popularity since its unveiling in 2018. It is now considered a strong contender for the Game of the Year award 2023. Recently, some players of the game have made an exciting discovery that will undoubtedly enhance the already captivating gameplay.


Some players used to believe that spacewalking was impossible in this game. However, a few gamers have now figured out how to modify the gaming console's commands to enable this Starfield feature. This gameplay feature is somewhat concealed and requires typing in specific commands.


Some gamers have seen footage where other players could spacewalk while playing the game. This seemed like a whole different update for the game, or maybe these players were playing the mod version. However, it is neither of the two, as one doesn't need to install any mod version of the game to use the feature. The only thing here is that users might need to type in a few commands to activate the spacewalking feature on Starfield.

How to Activate the New Trick 

A Reddit user, WeirdConcern4666, was the one who made the revelation regarding the use of spacewalking in the game. It had attracted a lot of other interested gamers who wanted to know how to go about this.


So you can actually go outside your ship into the Space!!
byu/WeirdConcern4666 inStarfield


With this new trick, they can exit their spaceships without crashing down. Furthermore, this new trick is like the cheat codes one can apply in GTA games. 


The first step to activating this new trick is to type in "player.setpos x 10" while playing the game. The effect of this new command is that it will help to move your character out of the spaceship. The next step after this is to type in "setgravityscale 0" on the game console.


The effect of this in Starfield gameplay is that it will remove gravity from the game, allowing spacewalking while playing the game. But there's a catch here. One of the things to note about this new console command trick is that it only works on PCs, and it will disable your achievements in the game. 

The Effect of this New Command 

With the revelation of this new command in the Starfield game, note that it has some effects on the gameplay. One of the first, as pointed out, is the addition of spacewalking as part of the game's features. Once this command is activated, the player in this game automatically becomes a proper space explorer inside the game. The implication is that the player can now move around the space without the spaceship. 


Even when a gamer removes their space suit, they won't immediately die from taking such action. Furthermore, activating this new trick will enable the player in this game to walk on objects like asteroids. The new introduction of command tricks to the Starfield game leads to much speculation. Many gamers are now wondering what could happen on a mod version.