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Is DMZ the Best Multiplayer Mode in the Modern Warfare 2?

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read

There is a multiplayer game mode in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 called DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). The game is a free-to-play version introduced by Call of Duty, which can be played on all platforms. 


The game was released to take on heavyweights such as PUBG and Fortnite. Warzone has carved out its own niche and a loyal fanbase.

The DMZ mode is spectacular. The map design and gameplay are some of the best in recent memory. The Al Mazrah and Ashika Island maps are fantastic. In these maps, you have to complete missions and objectives to earn XP and open more slots for guns, and also as you complete these missions more tough ones will open. 

As a player, you can complete the missions either as a solo or you can team up with your friends or other players in the lobby. 

There will be other Operators(Players) in the same lobby trying to finish the same missions so you will come up against them and also AI bots on the map. You can either fight other players or ask them to join your team and complete the missions together. 

Player vs Player

Source - GamesRadar 


In DMZ mode, you are bound to come up against fellow players from the lobby. The mission of this mode is to complete the objective given by the game. With the same objectives on the map, you will come across other teams trying to finish their own set of objectives. 

The Al Mazrah map consists of an entire city, you have the option to run away from other players or you can fight them. If you are solo and come across a team then it's better to concentrate on finishing the objectives quietly, but if you are a team of three then you can try finishing off the other teams. Killing other players will let you loot their backpacks. You can collect their loot as well as ammo and self-revive kits.

Player vs Player is one of the most exciting features of the DMZ mode!

Player vs AI


You can’t expect to complete the objectives without facing a fight right? While you do get many players vs player fights in the DMZ mode, there are also countless AI you encounter in the game. The AI’s job in the game is to defend the objectives and prevent you from finishing certain missions.

There is a continuous refill of AI bots throughout the game via choppers and cars. So if you think you have swept the whole area and killed every AI then think again pal because AI will keep respawning. 

The more time you take in an area, the AI will keep respawning in that area. Respawning AI will also alert other players of your position as they will know that the AI only shoots at actual players. 

Tactical Missions

Missions and objectives in this game are what make this game great. 

There are four different categories of missions in the game - White Lotus, Legion, Black Mous, and Crown. All have 5 tier of missions and the mission keep getting difficult as you keep completing the tiers. 

Some are almost impossible to finish but the challenge is what keeps the players going. 

Some missions are cross-map missions, where you may have to start a mission on one map(Al Mazrah or Ashika Island) and finish on the other. 

Fast-paced All Action Game

DMZ is an action-packed and fast-paced game. This game involves teams of three fighting against each other and AI bots throughout the map, and completing missions all in a limited time. 

Hours of gameplay pass by and you’d think it has only been half an hour since you first started. 



DMZ mode is definitely the best multiplayer mode in the Call of Duty series right now. It has the full package of doing missions either solo or with a team, going up against other players, fighting AI bots, and two cool maps. 

What else do you need for a fulfilling multiplayer mode?