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Last Epoch: How to Find and Obtain Throne of Ambition Idol

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Last Epoch
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In the realm of the Last Epoch, idols play a crucial role in enhancing player stats and abilities. Among the most sought-after idols is the Throne of Ambition.

This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining this esteemed idol and the Last Epoch tools required to do so.

To acquire the Throne of Ambition in the Last Epoch, players must rise to the challenge of facing God Hunter Argentus in the Stolen Lance Timeline.

Thus, these formidable bosses have a rare chance of dropping the Throne of Ambition Idol upon defeat, making it a highly coveted item with no guarantee of acquisition.

To reach the Stolen Lance Timeline and confront God Hunter Argentus, players must first navigate through the Monolith of Fate, which consists of three distinct quests.

The final quest, known as "Argentum Spire," culminates in a showdown against God Hunter Argentus.

Players must achieve a stability level of 250 in normal mode and 800 in empowered mode to unlock the Argentum Spire quest.

Once this milestone is reached, players can embark on the quest to face off against God Hunter Argentus and potentially secure the Throne of Ambition Idol.


Throne of Ambition Idol
Throne of Ambition Idol | Lastepochtools


The Throne of Ambition Idol in The Last Epoch is a rare find with unparalleled effects. It grants the following benefits:

  • Each strike against a boss or rare enemy earns a stack of Ambition, boosting fire damage output, cold damage output, and armor by 2% per stack.
  • Players can accumulate a maximum of 20 stacks of Ambition.
  • All stacks of Ambition are lost if four seconds pass without acquiring a new stack.

Despite requiring a minimum drop level of 20, the Throne of Ambition Idol has a required level of 1.

Players must reach level 20 in the game to be eligible to obtain this coveted item.

Character customization is a crucial aspect of the Last Epoch.

With five distinct classes and three specializations each, players have a total of 15 character classes to explore.

The Paladin, belonging to the Sentinel class, combines elements of a Holy Knight and Tank.

Regarding Last Epoch tools and character builds, the Paladin's Warpath skill focuses on swiftly clearing weaker enemies while consuming mana rapidly.

Rive, with upgrades like Coup de Grace and Reclamation, enables players to dispatch monsters efficiently and regain health in the process.

Holy Aura provides additional sustain and attack speed, making you nearly invincible against tougher foes.

During your progression, Last Epoch bestows an array of skills that do not require point allocation to be utilized; rather, they unlock as you advance in level.

Each base class boasts nine unique skills that are automatically granted.

To truly grasp the potential of these skills, it is best that you test them all.

For instance, if you are playing as a Primalist, it is advisable to experiment with the Maelstrom and Summon Thorn Totem skills, despite their shared area-of-effect nature.

You can determine which best complements your playstyle by testing these skills.

Furthermore, as you increase in level, it is vital to designate five specialized skills to focus on, ensuring their optimal utilization by the time all specialized skill slots are unlocked.

Moreover, judgment is ideal for tackling formidable bosses, draining mana to deal significant damage.

Lunge allows for quick maneuvering and escaping perilous situations, with the Dawn Charge upgrade providing healing based on missing health.