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LinkedIn to Launch In-app Puzzle Games

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Gaming is another way of having fun with friends and family, and this can reduce boring time.

Recently, a popular social media platform, “LinkedIn,” announced its plans to integrate gaming into its platform to engage its users.

If you're a gamer who spends a lot of time playing games, on social media, or chatting with friends and family, LinkedIn may be your favorite social media site, especially if you are a businessperson.

What to Expect from LinkedIn Games

The popular social media platform LinkedIn has disclosed information to the public regarding the in-app game features and titles.

Three game titles were mentioned, including Queens, Inference, and Crossclimb.

These games are designed to help users relax and have fun while playing them, which might last a few minutes.

App researcher Nima Owji recently shared some of their thoughts and findings on Twitter.

“BREAKING: #LinkedIn is working on IN-APP GAMES!

There are going to be a few different games, and companies will be ranked in the games based on the scores of their employees!

Pretty cool and fun, in my opinion!” Nima Owji tweeted on X, formally Twitter.


Some “X” users reacted negatively while pouring out their opinions regarding LinkedIn in-app game features.

Ravenmark, a verified X user, added, “Sighting yet another reason to hate LinkedIn.

You know we originally started. It was 10 times better than what it is now. (minus the authentication security vulnerabilities.)”

He talked about his experience, stating LinkedIn was better when it started to this moment, which amazed other users.

Another X user added, “Makes no sense - which company besides gaming companies will value their employees spending time gaming instead of working and creating value.

The obvious thought for top-ranked companies will be employees spend company time gaming.”

Kim Hjortholm stated his opinion on why in-app games are a no-no for platforms like LinkedIn.

Moreover, one of the officials on LinkedIn confirmed the news for credibility while shedding more light on the platform's goals of integrating puzzle games into its features while focusing on the user experience.

“We’re playing with adding puzzle-based games within the LinkedIn experience to unlock a bit of fun, deepen relationships, and hopefully spark the opportunity for conversations,” the LinkedIn spokesperson told TechCrunch.

The Strategic Impetus Behind LinkedIn's Gaming Initiative

With a staggering user base exceeding 1 billion individuals, LinkedIn suggests diversifying its offerings and engaging users beyond professional networking.


Man navigating LinkedIn on a smart tablet
Navigating LinkedIn | LinkedIn Sales Solutions


The spokesperson elaborated on the rationale behind this move, emphasizing the potential for games to deepen relationships and spark meaningful conversations among professionals within the same industry.

While the specific launch date remains undisclosed, the anticipation surrounding the debut of LinkedIn games continues to grow.

Of course, we'd be ready to give you comprehensive reviews of the games when they launch.

While the images shared by Owji provide a glimpse into the forthcoming games, it's important to note that they may not reflect the final designs or interfaces.

LinkedIn is poised to introduce innovative features and interactive menus, ensuring an immersive gaming experience for its users.

One intriguing aspect of LinkedIn's gaming venture is the proposed ranking system, which will evaluate companies based on the performance of their employees.

However, questions linger regarding the verification process for employees and the legitimacy of participating companies.