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Microsoft confirms Xbox Game Pass Will Lose a Dozen Games.

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Microsoft has confirmed that some games on their game pass library on PCs and Xbox will be removed on September 30th. They made it clear that about 12 games would be removed after removing ten games on September 15th.   This is not a new occurrence, as Microsoft continuously removes a certain number of games from their game pass library every month. Microsoft confirmed in their news blog that about a dozen titles are set to depart the catalog on September 30th.    Microsoft had also told its users that Aragami 2 would be leaving the catalog on September 30th, but it seems like they have turned back from that decision. They have confirmed that Aragami 2 would still be available on the cloud, Xbox console, and PCs.  Those who are members of Game Pass can save about 20% on all the new games released.    Newsvot reports that Microsoft clarified the game titles, which will be cleared out of Xbox on 30th September.    Popular games such as Dirt Rally, Going Under, Dirt 4, Unsighted, and eight others are among the games leaving the Xbox game pass library.   So players of those games barely have 24 hours to play the games for the last time and say goodbye.    Recent Game Removal  A dozen games that will be removed at the end of this month are not the only ones Microsoft has removed since the month started.    Microsoft had removed about ten games on 15th September to make way for new games released within the month.    Some of the games that were removed from the Xbox game pass library were Skatebird, I am fish, Mighty Goose, and seven others.    New Game Releases  Typical of Microsoft, they are set to release new games from 26th to 30th September after reporting that a dozen games will be removed from the game pass library.    According to Mike Nelson, an Xbox Wire Editor, about 16 games are set to replace those that will be removed in September.   From what the Xbox Wire Editor had to say, the game release dates can change anytime.    Apart from those already released from the 26th to the 29th of September, some high-end games are slated to release at the month's end.    Games like the long-awaited FIFA 23 are set to be released on September 30th.    Mike Nelson said in a blog post that the FIFA 23 would be optimized for both Xbox series X and S.  FIFA 23 players may seem to have their big break as Nelson says that the game will come with features that didn't come with their previous games.    According to Mike Nelson, the FIFA 23 game will be powered by "a dedicated hyper motion animation for the first time, plus cross-play features that make it easier to play against friends."