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Modders on Mortal Kombat 1 Accessing Unplayable Characters, Including Quan Chi

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Quan Chi character in Mortal Kombat 1
Photo | MK1

Mortal Kombat is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, thanks in large part to its diverse cast of characters.


Recently, modders have made the story mode version of Quan Chi available as a playable character. This has only added to the game's already impressive replayability and popularity among gamers.


Let's dive into the story!

How Many Playable Characters Are in Mortal Kombat 1


The original version of Mortal Kombat 1 has 22 playable characters. However, at launch, 23 characters, including Shang Tsung, a DLC fighter, were available for those who pre-ordered the game.


Additionally, the Kombat Pack is introducing 6 new fighters and the Jean-Claude Van Damme Johnny Cage skin as DLC for the game.


Ermac, Homelander (from The Boys), Omni-Man (from Invincible), Peacemaker (from The Suicide Squad), Quan Chi, and Takeda are all found in Mortal Kombat games. They will all be available as DLC as part of the Kombat Pack. Despite featuring heavily in the story mode, Ermac and Quan Chi are not playable in the Mortal Kombat games. 

Ermac and Quan Chi Becomes Accessible 

A modder has made the famous character Ermac playable in the recently launched Mortal Kombat 1, even before the official DLC release. This modder showed gamers how Ermac's character model fits into the game's story mode. This was done despite the fact that he was initially non-playable.


Ermac character in Mortal Kombat 1 gameplay
Photo | MK1


Ermac, the undead warrior, wouldn't officially be playable in Mortal Kombat 1 until the first DLC wave was released. He was introduced as a minion of Shao Khan, created from the souls of people who perished in the wars of the Outworld.


However, this skilled modder has found a way to include him in the character roster ahead of schedule. This early version of Ermac borrows most of his moves from other characters, with the exception of his signature slam attack and a simple green fireball. 


Getting to play these characters hands-on clearly explains that they are unfinished, so they weren't added to the roster when the game was first released. Modders have made it clear that Quan Chi and Ermac's story mode versions weren't intended to be playable. However, a new version of these characters will be included in the first Kombat Pack.


Ermaccer's MK1 Hook mod made this possible. It is a plugin that removes the 30fps limit in special moves, intros, and menus. It also adds a speed adjuster and gives you control over the camera, but what really stands out is the "character modifier" in MK1 Hook, allowing you to play as NPCs (the characters you can't usually play in other modes) in Mortal Kombat games.


Towards the end of September, ermaccer made Ermac playable, and now, they've managed to make Quan Chi work as well.


As we wait for paid DLC to include them in the roster officially, modders have already been busy accessing their story versions. This was a fun distraction, but no one has a clue yet on when it will start.