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Revolutionary Xbox to be Launched in 2026 - Or Just Rumors?

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
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On the ResetEra forum and various sources, an intriguing discussion has been sparked by user Kepler_L2 regarding the potential release of a new Xbox console by 2026.


While details remain unclear, the debate surrounding whether it will be a completely new console or a revision like an Xbox Series Pro has gained significant interest.


One notable participant in the conversation is insider Jeff Grubb, who claims to have additional information in support of this development.


However, Grubb also emphasizes that certain aspects are yet to be finalized.


Interestingly, he shares that there was a plan for another model of the Xbox Series X, but it was supposedly canceled to expedite the launch of the upcoming generation.


It's essential to approach these discussions with a level of skepticism, as no official announcements have been made, and everything should be treated as speculative at this stage.


According to one of the leakers who previously shared accurate information regarding PlayStation, Xbox "Next" might see the light of day in 2026.


The exact nature of the console, whether it will be an Xbox Series Pro or an entirely new generation, remains unknown.


The possibility of an Earlier-than-Expected Next Xbox Console


Recent reports suggest that the next Xbox console could arrive sooner than anticipated, as indicated by reliable industry insiders.


Microsoft already launched the Xbox Series X and the less powerful Xbox Series S as part of the ninth generation of consoles on November 10, 2020.


These Xbox consoles have been competing with the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, offering a lineup of exclusive titles such as Halo Infinite and the increasingly popular Xbox Game Pass.


While it may seem premature to consider another console generation following the relatively recent release of the current one, rumors have been circulating about Microsoft's plans for their next Xbox console or even an enhanced version of the existing Xbox Series X/S.


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Last year, a leaker named Tero Alhonen discovered a keyword related to a project codenamed Xbox Keystone.


Many speculate that Keystone refers to the upcoming console, considering its inclusion alongside previously used codenames for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


Others theorize that Keystone might be another iteration of the Xbox Series hardware.


The likelihood of a new Xbox console is strengthened by reports from two reputable video game news sources, indicating that its release could be just a few years away.


Industry insider Jeff Grubb, speaking on his YouTube show Jeff Grubb's Game Mess, confirmed that another leaker, who previously revealed specifications for the rumored PS5 Pro, also suggests a new Xbox console launching in 2026.


However, whether this new console will be an upgraded Series X or an entirely fresh system remains uncertain.


Grubb acknowledges that there are still several unrevealed details about this rumored console, but he believes it may replace the previously leaked diskless Xbox Series X, which emerged during the recent FTC trial related to Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.


Considering the usual lifespan of a console before its successor is introduced, Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti suggest that by 2026, six years will have passed since the Xbox Series X/S debut.


Although the ninth console generation faced an unconventional start due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the murmurs of Microsoft's plans for the next Xbox console continue circulating.


Until official statements or concrete evidence emerge, fans and insiders eagerly await further developments regarding this leaked system.