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Latest Leak Reveals Supposed PS5 Pro Hardware Specs

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
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Whispers and speculations about the mysterious PS5 Pro, an unconfirmed yet highly anticipated console, have gained force due to a recent leak regarding its purported hardware specifications.


A member from the gaming enthusiast community at Reset Era claims to possess insider knowledge about the hardware blueprint of the speculated PS5 Pro, internally known as Trinity.


This supposed leak details several improvements and alterations set to define the capabilities of this mid-gen console.

Core Hardware Enhancements

Reportedly, the PS5 Pro's System on Chip (SoC), named Viola, retains the Zen2 CPU architecture seen in the existing PS5 model, ensuring compatibility.


However, a captivating modification seems to be the dynamic frequency, speculated to reach a peak of 4.4GHz. Furthermore, the chip comprises 64 KB of L1 cache per core, 512 KB of L2 cache per core, and a shared 8 MB of L3 cache (4 MB per CCX).


The leaked information suggests that Viola's die encompasses 30 Working Groups (WGPs), but the retail PS5 Pro units might operate with only 28 WGPs (equivalent to 56 Compute Units).


Trinity's design appears to join three crucial technologies: expedited storage featuring hardware-accelerated compression and decompression (a hallmark feature already found in the existing PS5), hardware-driven ray tracing, and image reconstruction/upsampling capabilities.

Revolutionary GPU and Performance Metrics

According to the source, the GPU architecture of the PS5 Pro is purportedly RDNA3-based, drawing specific ray-tracing elements from RDNA4.


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This innovative system helps offload BVH traversal onto dedicated RT hardware, deviating from reliance on shaders. Additionally, thread reordering features are anticipated to diminish data and execution variation, recalling Ada Lovelace SER and Intel Arc’s TSU.



Setting a target GPU frequency of 2.0 GHz, the PS5 Pro anticipates a dual-issue TFLOPs range of approximately 28.67 TFLOPs at peak performance.


However, it might scale down to 14.33 TFLOPs if the dual-issue factor is disregarded. In tandem, the console intends to house 16GB of 18 GBps GDDR6 memory, utilizing a 256-bit memory bus to achieve a remarkable 576 GB/s memory bandwidth.

Innovation in AI and Upscaling Techniques

Notably, the PS5 Pro aims to incorporate the XDNA2 NPU, primarily dedicated to accelerating Sony’s proprietary temporal machine learning upscaling technology.


This innovation is a focal point for the PS5 Pro, mirroring the importance of checkerboard rendering in the PS4 Pro era. Sony envisions delivering a temporally stable upscaled 4K output, promising frame rates surpassing the conventional 30 fps benchmark.

Expected Unveiling and Cautionary Note

While anticipation mounts, the purported release date for the PS5 Pro is set in the rumour mill for September 2024.


However, it's very important to question such revelations until credible sources and official announcements confirm them.


However, the leaked details hint at a potentially groundbreaking evolution in gaming technology with the alleged PS5 Pro. As enthusiasts eagerly await confirmation or denial of these speculations, the gaming community remains prepared for the possible unveiling of this long-anticipated console.