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Splatoon 3 Features Improved 4v4 Turf War

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By Shella Artillero - - 5 Mins Read
Splatoon 2 was an outstanding launch title for the Nintendo Switch, broadening on the first game's roster of paint-based weapons to provide hours of online battling fun. The next game in the series has taken some time to turn up, but we're at last, on the cusp of being able to play Splatoon 3, a game that some worried would never be made. Splatoon 3 was launched on February 2021, shortly after the conclusion of a nearly hour-long Nintendo Direct presentation. It was a wide look at the forthcoming game that ended with the important information that it would be launched in 2022. That date was then formally shortened to the summer of 2022. We now have a confirmed launch date for Splatoon 3: September 9, 2022. The first Splatoon game was launched on the lesser-known Wii U, so Nintendo was smart to revamp the franchise by introducing the sequel to the Switch as soon as possible. With its fun story mode and infinitely enjoyable four-on-four multiplayer online, it has gained a huge following there. The third game has also been declared for the Switch, and because it is a Nintendo exclusive, there is no way it will show up anywhere else. In relation, Nintendo has shown off a limited edition Switch OLED that will be introduced to tie in with the game, and it looks really funky, so that's one to watch out for. During a recent Nintendo Direct, it was affirmed that players will have the opportunity to try out Splatoon 3 before the game comes out - a demo will be available for download from the eShop on August 18. It will only be perfectly functional for a few days, beginning on August 25, and on August 27, the game will put on a pre-release Splatfest in which players can participate. The teams will battle it out in a three-way battle of Rock, Paper, and Scissors. The first 12 hours will be focused on 4v4 Turf War games, while the second 12 hours will showcase a new Splatfest mode that pits the winning team against two other teams in a 4v2v2 competition.