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Steam Users Rate Starfield and the Ratings Are Definitely Unimpressive

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Starfield gameplay scene
Starfield Gameplay | Bethesda Softworks/YT

In a surprising turn of events, the once-promising space-centric RPG, Starfield, has stumbled further into disappointment according to its current state on Steam.


Originally holding a 'mixed' rating, the game's reception has now reduced to 'mostly negative' amidst a chorus of criticism labeling its experience as lacklustre and uninspiring.

Struggling with Lackluster Feedback

Initially developed by Starfield, Bethesda encountered a lukewarm reception upon its launch, signalling early warning signs.


However, the recent downgrade of its Steam rating to 'mostly negative' after three months post-release has intensified concerns about the game's long-term success.


Unlike technical glitches or performance issues, the primary complaint echoing through player reviews is a resounding sentiment of boredom associated with the gameplay.


Bethesda's ambitious plans for Starfield, which include interstellar journey adventure and exploration, are currently shadowed by this downturn in the game's reputation. 


What's even more disheartening is that Starfield now holds the unenviable title of being Bethesda's lowest-rated game on Steam, even falling below the controversial Fallout 76.

Player Dissatisfaction Amplifies

The shift from a 'mixed' to a 'mostly negative' rating on Steam has been catalyzed by a barrage of scathing critiques from players.


Scene in Starfield gameplay trailer

Starfield scene in gameplay | YT


The game has been criticized for its lack of depth, with remarks branding it as "sterile and safe" and designed to cater to the broadest audience possible.


Some reviewers found fault with Starfield's locations, drawing unfavorable comparisons to other games like Cyberpunk 2077 kNight City, dubbing the former as a poor imitation. One succinct review simply quips, "Starslop."


Among the myriad of negative opinions, a common thread emerges - despite offering a plethora of activities, Starfield struggles to captivate and engage its audience effectively.


While some reviews diverge from this sentiment, acknowledging positive aspects, there's a consensus that the game adheres too closely to the Bethesda formula, diluting its uniqueness.

Bethesda's Response and Future Plans

Initially, Bethesda actively engaged with negative feedback, responding to reviews. However, recent indications suggest a halt in this engagement.


Instead, the development team aims to implement updates to Starfield approximately every six weeks, introducing fresh content and features in an attempt to rejuvenate the player experience.


Interestingly, some critics reference No Man's Sky as a benchmark for space exploration, neglecting its journey from initial disappointment to a refined and highly acclaimed title after years of updates.

Hope on the Horizon?

Despite the current turbulence, there is still hope that Bethesda might steer Starfield back on course. The company's ongoing commitment to regular updates and content additions offers optimism.


These efforts could potentially address and rectify the core issues highlighted by disillusioned players, resurrecting the game's appeal.


So, for those eager to witness the potential transformation firsthand, there are already user-created mods aiming to enhance the Starfield experience. Additionally, newcomers on their space odyssey can find guidance through various mission guides available for the game.