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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Launch Date, Gameplay, and All to Expect

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Super Mario
Photo | mario.nintendo

October has been an amazing month packed with a lot of events. Announced in June 2023 Nintendo Direct, Super Mario Bros. is part of the highly anticipated games coming to Switch in the next few months. It is an imaginative mix of old-school design and fresh gameplay, offering a whole new experience. 


The Super Mario Bros game is one you wouldn't want to miss. As expected, it is colorful, filled with power-ups, and coming your way very soon. Let's dive right in. 

Super Mario Bros. Launch Date 


Super Mario Bros launch date is due October 20 for the Nintendo Switch, with pre-orders open for both physical and digital versions. October is jam-packed with game releases, competing with Alan Wake 2, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and Just Dance 2024.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings back traditional 2D Mario games from Nintendo, the first since New Super Mario Bros. U in 2012. It's also Mario's leading role since Super Mario Odyssey in 2017 and wraps up an exciting year, including the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie in April.


As the Nintendo Switch gets to its final phases with a potential new console on the horizon in 2024, Mario is here to bring back some excitement into its twilight years.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a throwback to classic Mario games. Being the first 2D game in over a decade, it isn't just a mere repetition of the past but a new perspective on what Mario can be in today's gaming world.

Super Mario Bros. Storyline

Mario games are not known for complex narratives and plots, and that's the case for this new game.


In the Flower Kingdom, you'll have to encounter Wonder Flowers, which trigger strange occurrances. The story begins as soon as Bowser grabs one of these flowers, transforming into a horrifying living castle with his face on it and setting off to cause chaos.


In Mario's adventure, you'll find Wonder Flowers, a fresh collectible. These flowers have the power to change the Flower Kingdom's reality. Warp pipes also come to life, Mario gets a stretchy body, and characters undergo weird transformations, adding more chaos and fun into every level.


Using a Wonder Flower not only changes the flower kingdom but also creates a quest for a special Wonder Seed, which can reverse the Wonder effect. There are different Wonder Flower effects which can redefine the components of a typical Mario level. It introduces game-changing concepts like living warp pipes and showers of Mario's SuperStars which makes you invincible as long as you keep collecting them.


Elephant Mario is a very powerful character. He is capable of smashing blocks, clearing pipes, and collecting water in his trunk for squirting at enemies or plants. What's more exciting is that almost any character (except Yoshi and Nabbit) can access the elephant power-up. There are also additional power-ups like; the Drill Hat which is ideal for breaking certain obstacles and comes with a bubble used to capture enemies.


From a visual perspective, the game appears to be pushing the Switch to its limits. It gives off a colorful and very detailed environment with amazing character designs ever witnessed in a Mario game. While it remains centred on achieving the perfect run-through level, the presence of Wonder Flowers brings the element of surprise. This makes it potentially one of the most unpredictable Mario games in recent times. There are also numerous concealed paths and secret levels awaiting discovery, that's if you're able to find them.


What Makes the Super Mario Bros Game Stand Out ?


Wonder brings tons of new elements to keep the in-game experience engaging for both newbies and experienced players. In addition to familiar power-ups like the mushroom, fire flower, and tanuki Mario, Wonder has a unique power-up that transforms the game environment. The Wonder Flower resembles the Ice and Fire Flowers but radiates a cosmic, radiant glow instead of a single color.


Once it is activated, the Wonder Flower opens up to spectacular moments within the game's finely designed environments that you wouldn't experience otherwise. These environmental designs can range from animating pipes to allowing Mario to change into various objects, like a huge, spiky ball that helps him clear obstacles in his path.


Super Mario gameplay
Super Mario Bros gameplay | justonegamr/YT


In the Super Mario Bros game, you'll go through a set of world maps with numerous levels to complete.


Each level holds at least two Wonder Seeds: one is found at the end of the level, while the other needs you to find a Wonder Flower and survive the challenge to earn your reward. The only way you can move forward is then determined by the total number of Wonder Seeds you were able to accumulate in each world. 


It remains a mystery to understand the complete range of Wonder's abilities, also known as Wonder Events.


In addition to the Wonder Flower, a mysterious item known as the Wonder Seed makes its appearance in the reveal trailer, although its exact purpose is still uncertain. It's possible that these items serve as collectibles for future use that would require growing a Wonder Flower from seed for unique in-game advantages.

How Can I Get the Game?


If you want to go for the physical or digital copy of the Super Mario Bros. game, it will cost you only $60.


You can consider going for deals offering the best options, like buy two, get one free Switch games promotion for My Best Buy Plus/Total members. The deal is very solid, considering how you can get the latest Mario adventure for free once you get a Switch game like Fire Emblem Engage, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, or Detective Pikachu Returns.

The Mario Red Switch OLED, which has been available as of October 6, consists of a silhouette of Mario and rows of coins beneath the cable cover on the vibrant red console.


You can get hard copies of the Super Mario Bros. game for preorder at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop. If you want to go for the best of options, a limited-edition Nintendo Switch is just the right pick for you.