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The M3GAN and Chucky Beef: Who is the Better Killer Doll?

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

A beef recently erupted between M3GAN and Chucky after Blumhouse Productions released the official trailer of the 2023 movie.    After this trailer video was released, it led to arguments on which killer doll was better. Others believe the 1988 Child's Play iconic doll was the best, while some are siding with the AI doll.    Twitter has been the major social media platform where beef between brands and personalities occurs. And in the case of M3GAN and Chucky, none of them are holding back. Fans of either side of the dolls have been arguing about the one that is better than the other.    M3GAN and Chucky are haunted dolls who share a disdain for authority and an appeal for blood. The horror icon Chucky the Good Guy Doll is considered old fashioned, while the new AI doll, M3GAN is the new age doll. Both are not taking the back seat as each makes sure they establish their authority. 

Chucky Started the Recent Beef 

Chucky had been the one who started the arguments after replying to an unrelated tweet from M3GAN. Universal Pictures is the home studio of M3GAN, and they posted the official trailer of the upcoming movie M3GAN.    M3GAN is the title character and plays the role of a lifelike AI-programmed doll with a maniac character. Once the trailer and promotional video dropped, Chucky replied to the tweet saying that M3GAN was trying to be like him.    M3GAN replied to Chucky's dig at her saying, "u know u that doll when u cause all this conversation."    These two killer dolls are not the only ones tearing themselves up in arguments. Fans are also involved. Most fans are siding with M3GAN in this new beef, with many calling her the new Queen of horror.    " Sorry, Chucky, the competition is getting tough," a Twitter user tweeted with a video of M3GAN playing in the background.    Universal Pictures is also the home studio of Chucky, so the action behind the whole feud was to promote the upcoming sci-fi movie M3GAN.   

M3GAN Will be a Child's Greatest Companion 

[caption id="attachment_84098" align="aligncenter" width="512"] Photo credit: Blumhouse Production[/caption]     M3GAN is a movie by one of the best horror filmmakers, James Wan. He was the brain behind other horror films such as The Conjuring franchise, Saw, and Insidious.    Unlike Chucky, M3GAN is an artificial intelligence doll that was programmed to have a lie of its own. The killer doll was designed by one of the best toy companies in the market, Gemma.    According to what the producers of M3GAN are saying, the doll can listen, watch, and learn with the child she is bonded to. She was programmed to become a child's playmate, protector, and teacher.    In the movie script, a mistake by Gemma trying to pair M3GAN with Cady (an 8-year-old girl) comes with unimaginable consequences.

Who is the Better Killer Doll? 

Both on Twitter and through their features, M3GAN may finally displace Chucky as the Queen of haunted dolls.    From the arguments M3GAN and fans are making against Chucky, he does not possess the powers that M3GAN has. While M3GAN has a mind of its own and is powered by AI, Chucky doesn't have any of these features.    Chucky was originally named Buddy and was just an '80s classics doll that played the role of a serial killer, and bleeds out of a gunshot wound. Both are great designs, but more people are backing M3GAN to win the battle.    M3GAN is set to be released in 2023, with its theatrical performance on January 13th, 2023. The second season of the Chucky TV series is already airing on the USA network and Syfy.