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The merchant returns in Resident Evil Remake: Screenshot shows the new UI

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
For those who are huge fans of Resident Evil, the game makers have confirmed that the Merchant will return in the Resident Evil Remake.    A screenshot of the Merchant shows that he is coming back with a new UI detailing his role in the game. The new UI is different from the original game, and it is something you would want to see.    The screenshot was posted through the official Twitter handle of Resident Evil, and the tweet blew up, with many people showing interest.    The Merchant doesn't have any major role in the Resident Evil Remake, but one can see that it is a fan's favorite, with many people pleased that he is back in the Remake.    The role of the Merchant will still be roughly the same as it was with the original game, except that it may function as a mechanic too. The Merchant has been known for selling and upgrading weapons for Leon. But in this Remake, he may increase his duties by selling larger attaché cases to Leon.

More Details on the Merchant 

Apart from the new UI, the Merchant has more to its name in this latest release of the Resident Evil Remake.    It is confirmed that a new feature will allow the Merchant to trade with a specified currency during the gameplay. In the screenshot, the currency resembles a pinky gemstone and can only be traded for special items in the game.    From what the public knows, the Merchant is the same as he was in the original game, just that he is now more interactive than before.

Major Changes in the new Resident Evil Remake 

[caption id="attachment_83689" align="aligncenter" width="512"] Photo credit: Capcom[/caption]   The Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer's official trailer shows that players should expect major changes in the gameplay.    From what was seen in the official game trailer, the new Remake would be going for scarier gameplay. Albeit the major changes seen in the Remake, Leon won't be dropping his signature melee attack and roundhouse kick.    More details about Leon's signature melee attack show that he can now use his knife in a way that is different from the original Resident Evil 4. Apart from using his knife in a new way, he can now use the weapon to ward off enemy attacks. Leon can now also use a chainsaw to drive enemies away; all this points to more intense gameplay. 

Other Characters in the Game 

Alongside the Merchant and all the action, other characters such as Salazar, Luis, Ada, and Ashley all look great in the Remake trailer.    The infamous "chainsaw man" Dr. Salvador was among the major highlights of the trailer. The team has mostly stayed the same, but their new UI looks better than the previous version.   Leon, the main protagonist in the game, enters the game just as he does in the original, although the appearance is scarier and creepier. 

The Release Date 

Resident Evil 4 Remake is expected to be launched on March 24th, 2022, for PC, PS4 and PS5, and Xbox series.    Other remakes will also be launched on New platforms within that time. Winter's expansion will be launched on October 28th, the same day the Remake of Village drops.    Resident Evil 2 will also be launched on Switch on November 11th, with the 3rd and 4th versions launching on November 18th and December 16th.