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There Wouldn’t Be Callisto Protocol Without Resident Evil 4: Our Take

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Source: YouTube

When we consider gameplay design and how far inspiration has trickled down from each game, the comparison drawn between The Callisto Protocol, Dead Space, and Resident Evil 4 is a bit obvious. 

The Callisto Protocol's attempt to imitate what made Dead Space special but lacking enough of its own identity as an original IP contributed to its bad reception at the time of launch. However, a bumpy launch and several performance issues did not help either. Yet, the Resident Evil similarities made to The Callisto Protocol were surprising.

There Wouldn’t Be Callisto Protocol Without Resident Evil 4

Source: IMdb

The footage of a Ganado with a headless torso sprouting a flailing Plagas tentacle was just released in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Everyone who played the original Resident Evil 4 will have vivid memories of this enemy, as well as of returning to Leon S. 

Kennedy's attache case to equip a flash grenade that was carefully positioned. This particular adversary is intriguing since it changes immediately in front of the player, frequently at random, after an enemy is killed. Since then, this approach has been used by both Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol, and it would be interesting to compare them all.

One thing is certain: Callisto Protocol and other legendary third-person survival games would not have been created without Resident Evil 4, at least not in the same way. For a variety of reasons, Resident Evil 4 is a pivotal game, and its standout elements have appeared in many titles since. Players can find the same concepts and designs reimagined in a variety of games.

With The Callisto Protocol directly influenced by Dead Space, it is clear how much of an impact Resident Evil 4 continues to have on the survival-horror genre today. Dead Space has been forthright in acknowledging Resident Evil 4 as an inspiration. It will be intriguing to watch how the remake explores the original with modern ideas that it has collected from its last two remakes and the last two mainstream Resident Evil games. This is why the Resident Evil 4 remake is such an eagerly awaited game.