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Timothy and the Tower of Mu Makes it to Nintendo Switch

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Screenshot from gameplay in Timothy and the Tower of Mu
Timothy and the Tower of Mu | Steam Community

Hey gamers, we have an exciting new game for you, Nintendo Switch owners!

Timothy and the Tower of Mu is the hotly anticipated sequel in the Timothy series, and it's bringing some classic platforming action that's sure to make your palms sweat.

A Challenging Quest with an Emotional Hook 

The story goes like this - after finally curing his grandfather of a mysterious illness in the last game, our hero Timothy finds himself utterly heartbroken when his beloved grandpa passes away from a curse inflicted by the previous cure. Harsh, I know!

But Timothy gets wind of an ancient legend about the Tower of Mu, a towering structure that's said to disappear into the clouds.

Rumor has it that anyone daring and skilled enough to scale this vertical deathtrap of a tower will be granted one wish by the star god waiting at the peak.

With hope in his heart and a slingshot in his hand, Timothy sets off on an epic journey up the Tower of Mu, determined to earn that coveted wish and somehow bring his grandfather back to life.

Are you feeling that emotional punch to the gut yet? This premise has us incredibly invested already!

A Refreshing Blend of Retro and Modern Gameplay 

When it comes to the actual gameplay, Timothy and the Tower of Mu is a brilliant mash-up of classic action and platforming mechanics with light RPG elements sprinkled in.

The developers at Kibou Entertainment cite influences like the old-school gems Faxanadu, Kid Icarus, and Demon's Crest. But they've also taken some clever cues from more recent hits like Shadow of the Colossus.


Timothy and the Tower of Mu gameplay screenshot
Tower of Mu | Steam


So what can you expect? Well, for starters, that retro pixel art style looks downright gorgeous, with what the developers are calling "bouncy" animations that give the visuals a really lively feel.

As you guide Timothy up the hazardous tower, you'll need to put your platforming skills to the ultimate test.

Prepare for a Trial of Patience and Perseverance 

We're talking screen-filling bosses, devious puzzles, brutal enemy gauntlets, and an array of deadly obstacles like spinning blades and, yup, you guessed it, a stupid amount of spikes.

Like any good retro-inspired platformer, Timothy and the Tower of Mu isn't going to go easy on you. 

You'll die. A lot. But that's all just part of the hardcore experience, right?

Use those untimely deaths as learning opportunities, adapt on the fly, and you'll eventually muscle memory your way through the toughest challenges. For a game of this genre, I wouldn't want it any other way!

Reaching the Top of the Tower

All told, players can expect a solid 8 hours of butt-kicking 2D action from Timothy's latest escapade.

Short enough to binge on a weekend, but meaty enough to really sink your teeth into that old-school difficulty.

The real question is, do you have what it takes to defy the odds, persevere through the pain, and help Timothy earn that wish?

You'll find out when Timothy and the Tower of Mu launch their platforming goodness exclusively on the Nintendo Switch later this year! I know I'll be first in line to give it a go.

So, Nintendo fans, what do you think? Are you ready to take on the insane challenge of Timothy and the Tower of Mu when it arrives on Switch? Hit me up and let me know! I'm practically shaking with anticipation for this retro-inspired epic.