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Unleash New Thrills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3!

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read

Source - CallOfDuty.com


The new season has brought itself a new update and many changes. Call of Duty is one of the greatest and best games ever. FPS, Action, etc.. it doesn't matter which genre, the Call of Duty series is outright one of the greatest gaming series. 


The first two seasons of Modern Warfare 2 were a huge hit, with season three they have added a lot of new stuff. They have also removed some minor bugs. As for the addition, there are three new multiplayer maps, new operators, custom vehicle skins, reloaded Battle pass, and new game modes.  


Multiplayer Maps


There are three new maps introduced in season 3. The maps are:


  • Talsik Backlot
  • Hovec Sawmill
  • Aniyah Incursion


These are additional maps and are added in addition to the previous maps. Every map has its own unique design and structure. 



Source - Callofduty.com



Battle Pass 


We also get a whole new reloaded Battle Pass. New perks, Skins, Weapons, Calling Cards, and more are available through these Battle Pass. 




DMZ is probably the cash cow for Modern Warfare 2 and rightly so too. There has been a considerable change in the Al Mazrah and Ashika Island maps. Not the maps per se, but the changes within the map.


You can now customize up to 5 operators. All 5 with different gears and backpacks. You can also dismiss the operators and assign/select a new one. New operator skins are also available.


There are new weapons such as the FJX Imperium, yup the classic and one of the all-time great snipers in the Call of Duty series is making an appearance. 



Source - Callofduty.com




There are three new vests in the game too, Medic Vest, Comms Vest, and Stealth Vest. Each offers unique features for its operators. It is a completely new feature in season 3. 


You can also now customize your weapons mid-game. There is a workbench near every buy station in the maps. You can add or destroy attachments to your liking on this workbench.  


There are new bosses in the maps too. The Cargo train has a safe that is guarded by a chopper with 3-level AI Bots, a Pyro boss in the US Embassy, and Scavenger.


You will also be getting two new backpacks in DMZ. Scavenger and Secure backpacks in addition to the Small, Medium, and Large backpacks. The scavenger backpack will let you have two extra slots than the large backpack for loots but it will take away the additional weapon slot. 


A secure backpack will have only 5 slots but you can carry all the loot from one game to the other without them converting into XP at the end of the game. You can also loot the backpacks themselves from downed operators now! 


There is an additional Secure Supplies objective added to the maps and a whole new Redacted mission in the DMZ. 




The updated season 3 is certainly an upgrade over the last season. Infinity Ward, Activision, and Raven Software have done a fine job as players are happy with the new updates and upgrades made to the latest season.