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Spoiler! Much of Venom's Dialog and Content Deleted in Spiderman 2

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hit the gaming world by storm, capturing the attention of fans and enthusiasts alike with its intense gameplay and captivating storyline.


However, recent revelations indicate that a substantial portion of the game's content, especially concerning the formidable character Venom, was omitted before the Spiderman 2 release date on October 20.


At the Fan Expo 2023 in San Francisco, attended by Spider-Man 2 aficionado and YouTuber Evan Filarca, huge details about the cut content were disclosed.


Notably, Tony Todd, the voice behind Venom in the game, shed light on the deleted segments during a panel alongside Nadji Jeter, who voices Miles Morales.


Todd disclosed that he had recorded lines for scenes that were ultimately discarded from the final version of Spider-Man 2, particularly those representing Miles Morales with the symbiote. This revelation adds a new layer to the game's narrative, suggesting a potential symbiote storyline for Miles that never materialized in the released version.

Venom's Absence and Unutilized Dialogues

Not minding Venom's important role in the game's plot, it appears that a massive portion of Tony Todd's dialogues as Venom went unused.


Venom attack in Spiderman gameplay
Venom in Spiderman gameplay | Zanar Aesthetics/YT


Filarca's report revealed that a mere 10% of Todd's recorded lines made it into the final cut of Spider-Man 2.


This revelation raises curiosity about the unused content and implies potential future implementations, possibly in downloadable content (DLC) or a separate Venom spin-off.


Insomniac Games, the developer behind Spider-Man 2, remained secretive when questioned about these cuts and potential future plans. Kotaku contacted the game studio for comment but received no official response, leaving fans speculating about the unreleased content and its intended purpose.

Implications and Fan Reactions

The absence of extensive Venom content, including deleted dialogues and possibly omitted plotlines involving Miles Morales and the symbiote, has sparked discussions and raised questions about the game's narrative direction.


Despite Spider-Man 2 receiving praise for its gameplay mechanics and overall storytelling, the limited utilization of Venom's character and the deletion of significant dialogue have left fans somewhat underwhelmed.


Todd's revelation about the vast amount of unused content has led to speculation that time constraints might have pressured the developers to trim the game's storyline, sacrificing potential depth and character development.


The revelation also sheds light on the possibility of future expansions or spin-offs focusing on Venom, suggested by Insomniac Games' senior narrative director, Jon Paquette, who left the door open for such endeavors based on fan feedback.

The Future of Spider-Man 2 and Venom

With Spider-Man 2 being hailed as the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios game on PS5, the potential for additional content or spin-offs centered around Venom in Spiderman 2 generates considerable anticipation among fans.


However, opinions remain divided regarding the handling of Venom's character and the impact of the deleted content on the overall gaming experience.


As the discussions around the cut content and Venom's neglect continue to gain support, fans eagerly await Insomniac Games' response and potential updates that may shed more light on the unreleased segments and their significance to the game's overall narrative.


As of now, the fate of the unused Venom dialogues and omitted plotlines in Spider-Man 2 remains uncertain, leaving players curious about the possibilities of future DLC or standalone ventures featuring the iconic character.