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75 Free Games on YouTube Right Now and How to Play

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Have you ever been scrolling endlessly on YouTube, looking for something fun to do? Well, YouTube has a cool new feature to keep you engaged: Playables.

Imagine playing games right there on YouTube without having to download anything or open a separate app. This new section lets you get lost in all kinds of games for free!

YouTube recently launched Playables, an area dedicated to free games you can play directly on the platform.

Over 75 games are available, ranging from puzzles to sports. Netflix added games to its platform in 2021, and now YouTube is following suit to attract gamers with this unique offering.

You might be thinking, "Why would I want to play games on YouTube?" Well, think about those times when you're waiting for a video to load or you just want a quick break but don't want to switch apps.

Playables are perfect for those moments, and best of all, they're completely free! You can enjoy all kinds of games without ever leaving the YouTube app.


YouTube playable games screenshot
Some YouTube playable games | YouTube


How to Find and Play

Finding these games is super simple:

  • Open YouTube: Go to the YouTube homepage on your computer or the app on your phone or tablet.
  • Go to Explore: In the Explore menu, you'll see the Playables section.
  • Pick a Game: Choose one of over 75 games and start playing!

Some Popular Games

Here are some of the top games you can play right now on YouTube:

  • Angry Birds Showdown: The classic bird-flinging fun.
  • Cut the Rope: Help the cute creature Om Nom get his candy.
  • Words of Wonders: Test your vocabulary with this word puzzle game.
  • Trivia Crack: Challenge yourself with trivia questions on all kinds of topics.
  • Tomb of the Mask: Navigate through mazes in this fast-paced game.

You'll also find games like Ludo King, Super Goal, and Stealth Master, so there's something for every interest.

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Cool Extra Features

The Playables section isn't just about playing games. You can also:

  • Save Your Progress: Pick up right where you left off next time.
  • Check High Scores: See how you rank against other players.
  • Share with Friends: Share games with your friends or send feedback to YouTube.

Right now, Playables is only available in certain countries, but YouTube plans to bring it to more places in the coming months. So if you don't see it yet, just wait patiently!

More Than Just Videos

YouTube started in 2005 as a place to watch videos online, but it's become much more than that. With Playables, YouTube is enhancing its platform and giving users a fun, interactive way to spend time.

Whether you're a casual gamer or just looking for a quick distraction, you can play games while having fun.

Do you have ideas on how to improve Playables? YouTube wants to hear from you.

While playing any game, use the "send feedback" option to share your thoughts.