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Will AI Ruin Games? Xbox CFO's Advocacy Scares Players

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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At the Wells Fargo TMT Summit, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart shared his thoughts on a few topics. He spoke about the collaboration of AI in game development and how this would cause a stir in the entire narrative of gaming industries.


Let’s dive in.


Over the years, Microsoft has shown an interest in the possibilities of AI as a fantastic technology that can be properly put to good use.


They spent over $10 billion in partnership with OpenAI on future projects, including Xbox. This explains why Stuart speaks about the development of the artificial intelligence gaming industry.


Using the famous Minecraft game as an example, he explained that AI could be used to understand the players.


He explained that these games can be tested by a million AI bots going through every level spontaneously. This is very important to analyze players in areas where they get stuck and where they spend money.


Tim Stuart believes that AI can open the door for future developers. From his rough estimate, there are about 100,000 game developers worldwide, but with AI in game development, the numbers will be increased to millions.


"I've never been more excited for a technology shift in the gaming landscape," Tim Stuart said at the event.

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If AI can create codes and art assets, then anyone can use this technology can become a developer.


Xbox executives also discussed their perspective on using AI in game development. They spoke about the positive impact and prospects but not on the potential downsides.


Tim sees a bright future as he expects AI to impact the future of gaming at Xbox. In his opinion, this might possibly solve the recent problems developers are facing in areas like: localization, translation, scripting, coding, and dialogue.


He says many game studios spend millions of dollars on localization, scripting, and other elements.


These and many more are what make the artificial intelligence gaming industry stand out. Although he never mentioned that AI might displace developers, it might raise a cause for alarm.


The entire opinion completely ignores the fact that AI tools being used by gaming companies would dispose people of their jobs.


This could mean thousands of talented artists, writers, coders, and other developers struggling to earn a living to save money. It might not be surprising for most because the idea of technology doing a better job would mean your services are no longer needed.


Players on ResetEra have raised concerns about their view of AI in game development. They concluded that Microsoft's use of the technology would mean that they don’t care about their international audiences.


This would mean that there’ll be no such thing as a human experience formed while playing these games.


We may need to open our minds to the pros and cons of what the artificial intelligence gaming industry offers. Tim Stuart and other Xbox executives shared quite a good number of possible this would mean.


Could this be good if Microsoft is already considering making games using AI?