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Using this Playstation Feature Can Get Your Account Banned Forever

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
PlayStation 5 console placed on a shelf besides television with PS5 theme
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Game consoles usually receive upgrades to add new features, improve the existing ones, and remove bugs. The latest generation of PlayStation is no exception to this rule.

The new console has a game share feature, enabling gamers to share their gaming libraries with other consoles.

This feature will allow gamers to access a wider range of games than ever before, providing a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

The long-awaited PS5 console was announced in April 2019 and was finally launched in November 2020 to a highly enthusiastic public.

Among the numerous updates, the game sharing feature stands out for its uniqueness and ability to strengthen bonds between gamers.

Notwithstanding, gamers are being warned about the wrong use of the PlayStation game share feature, as this can lead to the perpetual loss of their PlayStation account. 

How does the game share feature work?

The updated game share feature allows gamers to have access to other gamers' accounts and play games remotely. 

It becomes more interesting when the game library can also be assessed, even in offline mode. This works both ways, as both parties can access each other's game libraries during the sharing process. The person logging into your console does so with their PSN account and can access your compatible games. 

As beautiful as the PlayStation game share feature is, it can still be turned off, preventing unrestrained access to the game library.

Another key feature of the PlayStation game share is that both parties cannot play simultaneously. One party has to hold on while the other party plays.

Why you shouldn't patronise everyone with the PlayStation game share feature.

In a bid to be friendly, many who shared their game library with other gamers whom they met online risked losing their login details and access to their games. 

This feature presents a significant security risk, especially for accounts with bank information attached.

A Reddit user named WanaByte educated others about this game-sharing functionality.

In his words, the PlayStation game share had the primary purpose of game sharing amongst household members or trusted acquaintances and not with the whole world or any gaming strangers that met online.

Reactions from other gamers indicate that those who lost their PSN account after sharing their game library with strangers acted without consideration, and a move Monday termed foolish.

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How to game share with friends on PS5


PS5 game share feature displayed on screen
Game Share | PlayStation


Sharing games has advanced beyond the disc and cartridge method to the digital fast and effective mode. The digital era makes gaming more exciting and seamless. 

Understanding the purpose of game sharing, it's time to know how to share. Follow the steps below to proceed:

To enable gameshare, navigate to Settings > Users and Accounts.

Scroll down and select Other, then choose Console Sharing and Offline Play to enable the feature.

After the steps above, anyone who has logged into your account now has full access to your downloaded games and games library.

To restrict access and disable this feature, follow the same procedures above and click disable.