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Sega Leaker Reports on Sonic Frontiers 2 Development

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
Sonic character screenshoot
Photo | Sonic

The Blue Blur might just be gearing up for another mind-blowing adventure sooner than we expected.

According to some juicy insider leaks, a sequel to the recently released open-zone extravaganza Sonic Frontiers, is already in development.

Let's dive into the details, shall we?

The rumor mill started churning when the renowned leaker Daniel Richtman dropped a bombshell on his Patreon - Sonic Frontiers 2 is happening!

As if that wasn't enough, another well-known Sega insider, Midori, chimed in on Twitter, adding more fuel to the fire.

She claims that while the game will follow Frontiers' open-world footsteps, it might undergo a name change during development, just like its predecessor, which was initially dubbed "Sonic Rangers."

Now, let's discuss what we can expect from this potential sequel. If the leaks are accurate, assuming the game will build upon the open-zone formula introduced in Sonic Frontiers is safe.

Picture vast, explorable landscapes teeming with challenges, secrets, and, of course, those irresistible chaos emeralds we can't get enough of.


Sonic Frontiers gameplay
Sonic Frontiers | Sonic


Imagine soaring through loop-de-loops at breakneck speeds, only to stumble upon a massive, ancient ruin begging to be explored. Talk about a thrill-seeker's paradise! 

Expanding the Sonic-Verse

But wait, there's more! According to Sonic Team's very own Morio Kishimoto, the team is keen on bringing some obscure comic book characters into the mix.

Who knows, we might even get to see the edgy and beloved Shadow the Hedgehog make a grand comeback! (Fingers crossed, Shadow fans!) Heck, maybe we'll finally get to team up with the enigmatic Chaos or even the mystical Tikal.

The possibilities are endless, and our imaginations are running wild!

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Now, the million-ring question: when can we expect to embark on this new Sonic adventure?

Well, if we take Sonic Frontiers' five-year development cycle as a reference, we might have to wait until at least 2027 to get the sequel.

But hey, good things come to those who wait, right? Besides, Sega has already hinted that the sequel will receive a bigger budget, so we can expect an even grander, more polished experience than its predecessor.

Stay Tuned for More Sonic Shenanigans

While we eagerly anticipate the official announcement and any juicy details about Sonic Frontiers 2, it's worth noting that Sega has a few other Sonic-themed surprises up their sleeves.

Rumor has it that a mobile "spin-off" game inspired by the chaotic fun of Fall Guys is slated for release this year.

Imagine Sonic and his friends bouncing around like pinballs, trying to outmaneuver each other on a vibrant, frenzied battleground. Talk about a recipe for hilarity!

Additionally, a Chao-centric game exclusive to Netflix and a sports title destined for Apple Arcade might also be in the works.

Can you picture Sonic and Knuckles going head-to-head in a high-stakes game of beach volleyball?

Or will Tails and Amy finally get a chance to showcase their athletic prowess in a zany take on soccer?

The possibilities are endless, and our inner child is squealing with delight!