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All to Watch Out for in Rumored All-digital Xbox Series X

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Next gen Xbox series concept
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A tidal wave of speculation has engulfed the gaming community as a recent online rumor hints at the emergence of a new addition to the Microsoft Xbox Series X family - a sleek, all-digital console in a pristine white finish.

While gamers have been relishing the current Xbox Series X and Series S offerings, whispers about a potential all-digital Xbox Series X have persisted for some time. 

As fans eagerly await confirmation from Microsoft, the rumor mill is with details about the speculated console.

This article will investigate the latest leak surrounding the purported all-digital Xbox Series X, exploring its potential features, release timeline, and how it fits into Microsoft's broader hardware strategy.

Unveiling the Leaked Details

The leaked information provides a glimpse into what could be the next evolution of the Xbox Series X.

Described as an all-white, all-digital console, this new iteration would eliminate the traditional disc drive, reflecting a growing trend in the gaming industry toward digital content distribution.

The rumored release window for this sleek white console is pegged for June or July, fueling the anticipation of gaming fans worldwide.

As the gaming community eagerly watches for an official announcement, we thought to break down the leaked details:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: White Xbox Series X

The leaked images suggest a pristine white design for the all-digital version, a significant departure from the black aesthetic of the current Xbox Series X.

This aesthetic shift adds a touch of novelty and could attract a new segment of consumers who prioritize aesthetics alongside performance.

If these leaks hold, Microsoft is poised to offer gamers a powerful gaming experience and a console that complements contemporary design sensibilities.

  • Embracing the Digital Era: No Disc Drive

One of the defining features of this rumored console is its commitment to an all-digital experience.

Microsoft is ditching the disc drive to focus on digital distribution, following the industry trend towards digital content consumption.

However, the absence of a disc drive raises questions about backward compatibility and the future trajectory of physical game copies.

  • Release Anticipation: Planned June or July.

While the gaming community is buzzing with excitement, the speculated release window of June or July adds an element of urgency to the anticipation.

If this timeline holds, gamers could be unwrapping the latest addition to the Xbox Series X lineup sooner than expected.

The mid-year release also positions the console strategically, capitalizing on the summer months when gaming activity typically experiences a surge.

  • Economic Appeal: Speculated Price Point

The potential price range is one of the most discussed aspects of this leaked information.

Rumors suggest that the all-digital Xbox Series X might be priced at $400 to $450, making it more budget-friendly and accessible to a wider audience.

  • Technical Enhancements: Improved Heatsink and Upgraded Nexus Card

Beyond the cosmetic and economic aspects, the leaked details hint at technical enhancements under the hood.

Including an improved heatsink suggests optimizing the console's cooling system, potentially addressing concerns about overheating that can affect performance.

Additionally, an upgraded Nexus card could contribute to overall system efficiency, providing a smoother gaming experience for users.

Microsoft's Strategic Moves

Microsoft's strategy becomes clear as gamers eagerly consume leaked details. The release of multiple Xbox Series X and S versions was a strategic gamble.


A white Xbox console and a controller
Photo | Mika Baumeister


With its robust performance capabilities, the Series X targets gamers seeking top-tier gaming experiences, while the Series S offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising game compatibility.

  •  A Calculated Risk: Xbox Series X and Series S

Microsoft's foray into the dual-console release with the Series X and Series S reflected a calculated risk in catering to diverse consumer preferences.

The Series X, positioned as a premium gaming machine with a $500 price tag, competes directly with other high-end consoles on the market.

The Series S, at $300, caters to budget-conscious gamers without compromising access to a vast gaming library. The rumored all-digital Xbox Series X could capture the middle ground between performance and affordability.

  • A Digital Future: Embracing the All-digital Concept

The potential release of an all-digital Xbox Series X aligns with Microsoft's commitment to the digital future of gaming.

In response to the shift towards digital game distribution and subscription services, Microsoft is eliminating the disc drive. This move aligns with their vision of a seamless, digitally-driven gaming ecosystem.

  • Hardware Teasers: Xbox Business Update Event

Amid these rumors, Microsoft has dropped hints about its hardware plans.

Microsoft's upcoming June show may unveil the all-digital Xbox Series X.

A potential hardware release for the holiday season is teased, fueling anticipation and speculation in the gaming community.

Final Thoughts and Cautionary Notes

Amidst the excitement and enthusiasm generated by these leaks, it's vital for gamers to approach the information with a degree of caution.

While reports provide detailed insights into the potential features and specifications of the rumored console, it's essential to remember that these details remain unconfirmed until an official announcement from Microsoft.

The gaming sector is rife with speculations, including rumors of an Xbox handheld and the existence of a DualSense-style controller.