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Why Fortnite's Peter Griffin Has a Ripped Physique

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Family Guy star animated character Peter Griffin with a ripped physique
Peter Griffen gets ripped | Fortnite/YT

During the premiere of Peacock's new Ted series, renowned comedy creator Seth MacFarlane recently shared intriguing details about the decision to give Family Guy's Peter Griffin a more muscular appearance in the popular game Fortnite.


This unexpected transformation sparked curiosity among fans, prompting MacFarlane to shed light on the reasoning behind this unusual change.


MacFarlane disclosed that the alteration was primarily due to budget constraints faced by Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite.


Explaining further, MacFarlane humorously stated, "He's very muscular in there, right? I was told that they didn't have the budget to create his actual body."


Comparing Peter Griffin's new physique to a ‘90s TV Guide cover that featured Oprah's head superimposed onto Ann-Margret's body, MacFarlane emphasized the hilarity and peculiarity of this transformation.


It's a change so extraordinary and unexpected that it could easily be a plot twist within an episode of Family Guy.


Insights into the Reasoning

While specific details regarding how budget constraints influenced the transformation remain unknown, MacFarlane's explanation provides a glimpse into the intriguing discussions that took place behind the scenes.


IGN has reached out to Epic Games for further clarification on this aspect, aiming to shed more light on the rationale behind the decision.


Apart from revealing the reasons behind Peter Griffin's altered appearance, MacFarlane confessed that he was initially unfamiliar with the game before being approached about it.


He humorously recounted, "I had to have somebody explain to me what the fuck Fortnite is. And I said, 'Well, that sounds kinda cool. Yeah, why not, let's do it!"


The world of Fortnite has become renowned for its collaborations, which have become an integral aspect of the game's essence.


The community eagerly awaits the integration of Fortnite characters with other iconic universes, including Marvel and DC.

The Potential for Fortnite-Featured Characters in Alternate Mediums


Imagining the integration of iconic Fortnite characters into franchises has sparked an immense collective imagination within the community.


The Foundation, Ice King, and other memorable characters seamlessly merging into the Marvel and DC universes have become cherished fantasies among fans.


Fortnite's intricate and expansive storyline serves as fertile ground for integration into video games and movies.


Incorporating the game's narrative into existing intellectual properties opens up fresh and dynamic storytelling opportunities, unified by the presence of Zero Point.


Additionally, the concept of exclusive character skins from other established universes entering the Fortnite world has captured the imagination of the community.


Among players, speculation has arisen concerning the potential inclusion of Spider-Man Zero in the eagerly anticipated film, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spiderverse.


Some enthusiasts suggest that the game's narrative could intertwine with the concept of the multiverse portrayed in the Spiderverse movies.


Moreover, the idea of a crossover between Jonesy Soldier: 76 from Overwatch and Fortnite, combining the visual styles of both games, has generated substantial interest among many players.


The longing for beloved Fortnite characters to crossover into renowned franchises reflects the deep connection formed by players with the game's narrative.


This desire showcases the rich history and impact Fortnite has had on its audience, as players eagerly await iconic figures such as the Foundation, Ice King, John Jones, and possibly Slone venturing into realms filled with famous superheroes and formidable villains.


The anticipation surrounding these potential crossovers further heightens the excitement among fans.